Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Easy: Turn a Standard Blender into a Bullet Blender

Turn a Standard Blender into a Bullet Blender

If you're like me, you love the concept of a bullet blender, with small individual size cups, but hate the added expense. Those blenders can cost well over a hundred bucks and you still have to buy the special cups. And if you want to make ahead and refrigerate several smoothies, well, you have to buy several of those special cups. This idea serves the same purpose, and quite possibly, won't cost you a dime; if you already own a standard blender and regular mouth, pint Mason jars.  Trust me; once you try this, you will not want to use a blender any other way and clean up is a snap!

How to turn a regular blender into a bullet blender

Simply flip your pitcher over-

Twist off plastic piece that fits into machine.

Pull out blades.

Put blades into an a (regular mouth) pint mason jar.

Twist on plastic ring to hold blades in jar.

When you're ready to blend, fill jar, put in blades and twist on plastic ring. Flip upside down, place in blender and hold jar down with a bit of pressure to keep it from popping out. I haven't experienced this with mine but each blender is different. Pulse a few times to see how it will react and to get use to the amount of pressure you need to hold jar in. Blades do not hit the glass; so no worries about breakage.
Turn an average blender into a bullet blender

I use mine like this everyday, sometimes, several times a day. It's great for making individual smoothies. You don't have to buy special cups or worry about washing up a large pitcher. Clean up is easy. Simply wash blades and plastic ring with soap and water and toss the jar in the dish washer. Easy! Easy! 

Come back and let us know your experience.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Yummy, Heath Bar Chocolate Pie

Heath Bar Pie Recipe
Our family loves Heath Bar Chocolate Cakes but it can be a bit much to make and keep one refrigerated until it's all eaten. Here is a quick, easy and delicious alternate. It has passed the Sunday dinner taste test in our family, so we're certain your family will enjoy it too.


1 - Ready Made Chocolate Pie Crust
1 - 5.9 oz package of Jello Instant Chocolate pudding
1 1/2 cups of cold milk
1 - 8 oz tub of Cool Whip
1 - bag of Heath Bar pieces (with baking chips in grocery store)


Pour dry pudding into a mixing bowl and with an electric mixer, slowing mix in the milk. Continue to mix for about 3 additional minutes. Next, fold into the pudding about half the bag of Heath bar chips, and half the cool whip. Once well blended, spread pudding mixture into the pie crust.  Empty remaining cool whip into a clean bowl and add in remaining chips (reserving a few chips to sprinkle on top of pie) and stir. Spread cool whip mixture over pudding mixture. Sprinkle reserved chip over the top, cover, then refrigerate for 2 hours before serving. Quick, easy and delicious!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Busy Family Dinner Quick Tip

Fill crock pot liner, with food, the night before

When using a crock pot during the busy work week, put all your "dry" ingredients into a slow cooker bag, the night before. 

Start by finding a bowl large enough to hold all your ingredients. Place a crock pot liner in the bowl and fill with your dry ingredients. Tie the bag off, place the bowl with bag in it, into the refrigerator. Next, place "wet" ingredients (cans of broth, soup starters; etc) next to the slow cooker for easy access. The next morning, take bowl out and drop bag into cooker. Untie bag and pour in wet ingredients. Cover and start up crock pot. Makes the morning routine less hectic, dinner easy and cleanup a breeze!

Fill crock pot liner, with food, the night before

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trash to Treasure Christmas Candle Holder

Trash to Treasure Wine Bottle Candle holder

Used in a centerpiece or as a stand alone, these elegant candle holders will be the talk of any Christmas party. You just can't find a an easier, less expensive way to decorate your holiday tables with such beauty. 

Wine bottle
Adhesive remover (Lift off)
Hot glue gun and sticks
Decorative ornaments from Dollar Tree
Tapered Candles

Start by peeling off labels and applying adhesive remover. Use a dry cloth to wipe off adhesive and any residue. Wash bottle in warm soapy water and allow to air dry. 

Next, decorate however you wish by gluing on your ornaments and ribbon. We used blue bottles, so we chose white and silver accents. You can choose ornaments that will work with your Christmas table or party theme.

4 candleholders, with candles, costs us (drumroll please) $5 whole dollars!!

Trash to Treasure Wine Bottle Candle holder

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Quick Tip: Easy Daily Exfoliating

Keep a bar of Lava Soap in the shower and use it to wash your feet daily.

Lava soap contains small pumice particles. Pumice is what exfoliating bars are made of. Nail salons use entire bars to exfoliate your feet during a pedicure.

Make the Lava bar part of your daily routine for baby soft feet. It can be found in the automotive department of most Walmarts.