Friday, May 24, 2013

Bow Tutorial for Flower Bouquet

Items Needed
  • Egg Crate
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Stick pin

Pin one end of the ribbon in the center of the closed crate. Wrap ribbon around crate 3 complete times. Pin down loose end.

Cut loose end of ribbon from spool. Place your index finger under all the ribbon layers, at the center, where pinned.  Pinch all layers of ribbon together with index finger and thumb. Continue to hold tightly, as you slide the layers ribbon from the egg crate.
Find the center of the circle and pin down like pictured.
 Cut off about 3 inches of floral wire. Place it under the center of the ribbon. Using index finger and thumb, pinch the center of ribbon together and pull out pin. Begin wrapping tightly with wire (it will gather and crease from the force). Wrap wire around, about 3 times, then twist both end of wire together; cutting off any excess. 
Cut off about 6 inches of ribbon. Tie it tightly around the floral wire. Flip the entire bow over. Now the wire should be covered, with a smooth vertical ribbon in the center. Starting with the loops on the left side, grab top loop and interior loop and pull the top loop to the right and the interior loop to the left; spreading the loops apart. You have to twist each loop a bit to get them to stay puffed out. Go to right side loops and do the same as you did with the left. Pull straight ribbons down to make streamers from bow.

Now you're ready to put the bow on your bouquet. You can either use floral wire or ribbon, (I used ribbon) strung through the back, under the knot of your ribbon that you used to tie around the center.
Simply wrap the wire or ribbon around bouquet and twist together or tie. This was for my niece's graduation, so I wanted to incorporate in both the school colors. I simply tied the other color ribbon to the front of the bouquet and allowed the ribbon to hang freely. 
Next, just to dress it up a bit, I added this graduation key chain. This was easily hung from one of the flower stems, just above the bow. The key chain had a cute saying packed with it and I wanted her to see it.  Using a hole punch, I made a hole in the paper and slid it on one of the ribbons and tied it into a knot so it wouldn't slide off. If you have an item that you want to use, but it can't be hung like above, you can always get out the hot glue gun or a safety pin. 
Takes a little time and effort but well worth it. 

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