Thursday, May 23, 2013

Busy Mom's Memory Jar

Are you a busy mom that never seems to get the time to work on that baby book? Working full-time, going to little league, cooking dinner, cleaning and trying to be everything to everybody, some things are surely gonna fall through the cracks. Guilt stricken about my son's empty baby book, I came across this idea and quickly put it to use.

Use what you have around the house. Any jar will do; Mason jar, decorative jar from the dollar store or even an old spaghetti sauce jar. Paint (I used puff shirt paint and a tube of acrylic.) Paint Memories on the jar and what child the jar is for.

I left the jar on my kitchen counter and would grab any piece of paper lying around. Write the date and the memory on it. If this jar becomes too full, start another one.

My son will graduate next year and I intend to open the jar, as a family, and read each one.

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