Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laidback Couponing

Many people don't coupon because of the time involved. Either they don't have the time to spend searching for and clipping coupons or they hate the bother. I have a simple way to save money using coupons. It still takes a little time but nothing like those you see on television.

Step 1:  When you remove your coupon inserts from your Sunday paper, take a marker and write that date on each set.

Step 2:  Put your coupons in an Accordion file folder under that Sunday's date. I date mine from the back of the folder to the front, that way the most recent sets are the first ones you see.

Step 3:  The day before you shop, you need to go to a site like Southersavers. There are many couponing sites available but this is one I prefer. Find the store you are going to shop at and look at their weekly ads. Laid out before you will be what's on sale and where to go to get available coupons. It even shows you how much you will pay for each item using certain coupons.

Step 4:  Each available coupon will start with M- Manufacturer Coupon or S- Store Coupon Behind each coupon will be SS- Smart Source or RP- Red Plum or PG- Proctor and Gamble or All You- for All You Magazine and the date these coupons were in your paper. Go to that date in your file folder and pull out the coupons filed there. If it says SS, look in the Smart Source set of coupons for that date.

Step 5:  There will also be coupons that can be printed from somewhere on the internet. These will have "PRINTABLE" listed behind the coupon listing. "PRINTABLE" in blue is a link to that coupon. You can click on the word "PRINTABLE" to go print that coupon. "ECOUPON" is a link to load a coupon to a shopper card or to your cell phone. I write the ecoupon item and amount on an index card.

Last:  Once you've clipped all your coupons, or while you're clipping, place them in an envelope in the order of the store; i.e. if produce is first in the store, then put any produce coupons toward the front of the envelope, and so on. Place index cards of ecoupons in order of store behind coupons. I also use index cards to write things I need that I don't have a coupon for and place it in the order of the store. This way you're not digging for coupons and are less likely to purchase on impulse.

The envelope system saves me time and money but drives serious couponers crazy because they don't have their entire binder to work from. You can figure out whatever works best for you. This is the quickest way I've come up with. Hope you find this helpful and it saves you so money.

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