Monday, June 3, 2013

20 New Uses for Old Medicine Bottles

If you're like us, you have a ton of medicine bottles that you throw out each year. They come in so many different sizes that its a shame to not reuse them. Here are few ways that you can put them to good use. Please, be sure to wash, dry and remove labels for reusing medicine bottles. And Always Label the Bottle With What You Put in Them.

  1. Store different size fishing hooks in several bottles and label, that way to can easy find what you're searching for in your tackle box.
  2. Use to store cotton swabs for travel.
  3. Make a mini-first aid kit for your purse or pocket. Put alcohol wipes, band aids, individually packaged swabs filled with antibiotic ointment, and even, butterflies in the bottle, in case of emergency.
  4. Store cotton balls for travel.
  5. Use to hold small fishing lures, worms and weights.
  6. Once washed and dried, bottles can be used to hold home grown, dried herbs.
  7. Store bead, buttons and small notions used in crafting.
  8. Store seeds you are saving to plant in the future.
  9. Throw an empty one in luggage and beach bags to store jewelry; like earrings and rings.
  10. Make a mini sewing kit with a needle, thread, and buttons.
  11. Store small beauty items like tweezers, lip liner or eye liners that are short, even lip sticks, chap sticks and mascara. Great for finding these quickly in your purse or makeup bag.
  12. Hold floss picks for travel. My husband keeps this in his vehicle for those times they are needed after eating out.
  13. Storing mini cupcake liners.
  14. Store cup cake picks.
  15. Once you open popsicle sticks that you are using for crafting, store excess in tall medicine bottles.
  16. Store loose pins and needles.
  17. Store razor blades.
  18. Store small finishing nails and screws.
  19. Store watch and hearing aid batteries.
  20. Use to keep lighters and matches dry.

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