Monday, June 10, 2013

25 New Uses for 2 Liter Bottles

25 New Uses for 2 Liter Bottles

Wash and dry before use.

  1. Bird House - With craft knife, cut 1-3/4” diameter circle about 3” up from bottom. About ¼” below that, punch a small 1/4" hole for a 3" dowel rod. Keep bottle cap on. Tie a string or wire around top and hang. These are really cute painted and decorated.
  2. Bird Feeder (tutorial in previous post on this blog)
  3. Plant Dome  - Cut bottle in half and you have two domes to put over small plants to protect from frost.
  4. Cookie / Biscuit Cutter - cut top out of bottle. You choose where to cut by the size cookies / biscuits you desire.
  5. Outdoor Bowling Set - fill bottom quarter of bottles with sand and set up 9, outside, for children's bowling set.
  6. Insect Trap (tutorial in previous post on this blog)
  7. Funnel - Cut top out of bottle, just where the concave starts and use as funnel.
  8. Automatic Water / Planter (use tutorial in previous post on this blog as 2 Liter Bottle Planter Waterer in One)
  9. Bakery Holder (tutorial in previous post on this blog)
  10. Package Mailer (tutorial in previous post on this blog
    as Bakery Holder)
  11. Make Low Flush Toilet - if you have an older toilet, you can fill a bottle with water and place in the tank to use less water per flush. Note - Many new toilets are low flush, deeming this unnecessary for those.
  12. Ice Mold - cut the bottom out of bottle, fill and freeze.
  13. Piggy Bank - Lay bottle on side. Slit a 1 1/2' hole in the side of bottle and decorate. Really cute decorated to look like a pig.
  14. Drip Holder - 2" from the top, using an Exacto knife, cut a 3"slit across bottle. Curve knife downward and cut down to 2"
    above bottom. Cut a 5" slit across and curve knife upwards. Cut back up to the top slit. Discard piece with bottle cap. At  1 1/2" from top of piece you are using and 2" inches across, cut a 1" by 2" oblong circle out of the bottle and discard. Hang on dispenser spout to catch drips.
  15. Hold and Organize Screws and Bolts - Cut a 3" hole, about 3 1/2" from the top of bottle. Use different bottles for organizing different screws, bolts, and bits.
  16. Yarn or String Dispenser - Cut a 4" hole, 5" from the top of bottle. Put yarn or string inside and thread through the top.
  17. Scoop - Cut bottle in half and use top as a handle.
  18. Ice Pack - fill bottle 3/4 of the way with water and freeze. Use in coolers or cover with a hand towel and use on sore muscles.
  19. Heat Pack - fill with hot tap water, wrap with a hand towel and use on sore muscles. Great for rolling under sore feet.
  20. Keep Freezer Filled When Near Empty - fill bottles 3/4 of a way with water and freeze. Use several like this to keep freezer filled. Freezers work best when full.
  21. Gift Box (tutorial in previous post on this blog as Bakery Holder)
  22. Sprinkler - cut 4 vertical rows of  3 holes down sides until you have 12 holes. Holes should be the size of aspirins. If the bottle will not screw onto your garden hose, use duct tape to attach. If you use duct tape, slowly turn on water to make sure the bottle doesn't shoot off.
  23. Headband holder - Decorate bottle and store headbands on side.
  24. Lantern - Cut top and bottom out of bottle. Put a piece of cardboard in the middle and using an Exacto knife, cut out any design you wish. Paint and place over small candle. Be sure lantern is not touching flame.
  25. Paint Stencil - Dip bottom of bottle in paint and use to make flower petals when making crafts.

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  1. <3 crafts with 2 liter bottles. Thanks for posting yours.