Friday, June 7, 2013

. . . Another New Use for Old Medicine Bottles

Mint Juleps 'n Muddin' Favor Holder and Place Card in one
Here's another new use for Old Medicine Bottles & its a really cute one.

Do you know someone that is getting married, having a retirement party or any other formal event soon?  Do them a favor and pass this idea along to them.  Its not only an elegant way to give guests favors but it can also serve as place cards.

Wedding Favor Holder & Place Card in One

If your fortunate enough to have 6 months or more, you could ask friends and family to save old medicine bottle for you. If not, you could go to your local pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist if they would be willing to order some for you. I would go to a locally owned business because they are more likely to do this for you than a huge chain pharmacy.

Old Medicine Bottles
Spray Paint for Plastics (Any color you wish)
Paint Pen or Stick on Letterings
Newspaper or something to serve as a drop cloth

Its as easy as spray painting. Find an outdoor surface that you can work on. Lay down your drop cloth. Take lids off bottles and turn them upside down, so that the bottoms are facing up. Turn lids over so that the writing on top is showing. Using spray paint for plastic, start painting each. I would do small bursts, holding the can about a foot away from the bottle. It may take two coats to cover the bottle's original color.  Allow to air dry. When bottles are dry, go to the next step.

Now, if you are talented enough to be able to write in paint, you can do this freehand.  Otherwise, you can stencil each bottle with guests names and use the paint pen to write. You can also pick up ready made letters from the craft store to peal and stick on names.

Next, dress up any way you like. Let your imagination run wild. You could use beads, faux fur, small sea shells or anything that goes with your theme, to accent.

Last, fill your bottles. If using candies as favors, I wouldn't fill the bottles until a few days before the event. However, if you are using bath salts, fizzies or things of that nature, it will be okay to fill now.

And as always, wash with soapy water and dry before reusing these bottles.

Mint Juleps 'n Muddin' Favor Holders and Place Card in one

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