Thursday, June 13, 2013

Easy Homemade Electric Smoker

Mint Juleps 'n Muddin' Homemade Trash Can Smoker Redneck Smoker


1 New Galvanized Trash Can with Lid
2 1/8" Threaded rods cut 19" long
4 Nuts to fit the Threaded rods
1 16" Grate
2 Electric Hot Plates
2 Stainless Steel Bowls (one for each hot plate)
1 Hanging Grill Thermometer
Start by drilling (2) 1/8" holes, 7 inches from the top and 8 inches apart. It doesn't matter what side you drill these first holes. Start threading your rods through both holes.  When you get to the opposite side, mark the inside wall with the marker, where the rod is touching. Pull rods back out and measure your marks. Make sure they are also 7" from the top and 8" apart. Drill out these marks.
Now, flip trash can over and measure 2" from the bottom and drill a 1" hole. This is for the hot plates power cords to be fed through.
Turn both hot plates on high heat and place side by side in the bottom of can. Thread wires out the 1" hole. Having both burners on high heat will keep inside a constant temperature of 190 to 195 degrees, when in use. We use two individual hot plates, in case one goes out you only have to buy one to replace. We found this out the hard way when one of our plates went out on a double burner.
Put a stainless steel bowl on each burner. Stores do sell stainless steel wood boxes that you can purchase but any bowl made of this material will work. One bowl is for the wood chips and one is for water. The water helps keep the meat moist and tender during the smoking process. It's not necessary to wet the wood chips before placing in bowl.
Thread rods through holes and tighten on nuts. Lay grate on rods. Hang grill thermometer on side, and viola, you have a smoker.
Some makers of this smoker drills small holes in the lid to allow smoke to release when in use. However, if you choose to do this you will need a cover or store the smoker out of the weather. We simply leave the lid slightly cracked when cooking and it does the trick.
These smokers can be made for under $75.00 and I prefer it over our store bought one. It is larger, seems to cook in half the time, and is easily fixed if a burner goes out.
So, if you've been wanting a smoker but felt the cost outweighed the need, then give this a whirl. You'll be glad you did.


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