Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flip Flop Door Wreath

My Pinterest followers may have seen the gorgeous Georgia Bulldog wreath that I have pinned. Now, I am no where near as talented at Cyndi, the maker of those wreaths, but here is a cute and simple rendition of the flip flop wreath.

Foam wreath (I have, on rare occasions, seen these in the dollar stores).
Floral wire
Rectangle Floral pins
3 different color Ribbons (several widths and styles of the same colors)
Netting material (optional)
Pair of flip flops (You can get these at the dollar store).

Start by making several bows, as in our tutorial on this blog. I would start with 8 eight bows of each color. I used 5/8", 1", 1.5" and 2" wide ribbons.  You may need several more bows, but this is a good start. I used sheer and satin material ribbons.
Next, you will decide where you want your flip flops on the wreath and using floral picks (as picture above), secure them to the foam.

Start pinning the bows to the wreath using the floral pins pushed through the back of the material. I started placing bows at the top, next to the flip flops and worked my way around. Now, placement is everything so be sure vary the colors and different textures of ribbons next to one another. Also, make sure that none of the foam is showing.

At the bottom of the flip flops, I placed a large 2" bow to decorate and to help cover the floral pins I used in the shoes. I also, used pieces of netting of material that I gathered in the center and wrapped tightly with floral wires to give a bunched up look. I then secured them with floral pins toward the back of the foam so only part of the material was showing.

My wreath was so light that I used a floral pin placed in the top as a hook. If yours is heavy you may need to use floral wire to hang.

These wreaths will also be cute in bright colors or pastels. Whatever colors you choose, give it a try. These are relatively inexpensive to make and are a cute way to decorate your door for summer.

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