Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Make Pickles Using the Dishwasher and Microwave

Mint Juleps n Muddin': Simple way to make your own Claussen Pickles

Yes, you read it right. Canning Pickles using the dishwasher and microwave.
First, start with our tutorial Canning Made Simple. It’s a really simple method to can just about anything and will help you get set up for this tutorial.
Note: Both steps will include handling extremely hot items, so be sure to have oven mitts or towels on hand when pulling out of dishwasher or microwave.


3 lbs of cucumbers (sliced into chips)
¼ cup of Ball’s Kosher Pickling Spice
1 cup of white vinegar
2 cups of water
2 quart jars and lids
In a large, microwave safe bowl, mix spice, vinegar and water. Put in microwave and cook on high for 20 minutes.
When the microwave stops, take a hot jar from the dishwasher and pack in cucumber slices; filled up to ½” from the top. Take bowl from microwave and ladle liquid over cucumbers; fill to 1/8” from top. Wipe rim with clean paper towel, making sure no residue will get caught under lid or band. Seal. Don’t push on lid; allow it to seal on its own.
Then, pull another jar from the dishwasher and repeat process.

No boiling the jars necessary for this method since they will be refrigerated. After jars seal and cool, throw in the fridge. Allow 2 weeks pickling time before eating. These pickles have the taste and texture of expensive refrigerated Pickles you buy in the store.
Yields 2 quarts of pickles. 

Note:  You can make spears using this same recipe, however, they requires more jars due to their size, and not being able to pack them as tightly as chips. If you choose to make spears, you may want to invest in the wide mouth jars for easier filling. You can also double or triple this recipe to make more.

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