Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Canning Tomatoes

Easy Tomato Canning Method

This the easiest method of canning tomatoes, I know. Start by reading Canning Made Simple, here on this blog.

What you will need:

20 Medium to Large Tomatoes
2 Quart Jars with lids and rings
Large Pot
Oven Mitts

Take a large microwave safe bowl and pour in water up to 1/2 full. Float, stem side up, as many tomatoes as will fit without crowding. Stick in microwave for 15 to 20 minutes. When tested, you want the skin to wrinkle when touched.

Place bowl in sink and pour hot water off tomatoes. Now, run cold water over them.

Note:  be careful with the next step because the tomatoes will still be extremely hot.

You will need a clean microwave safe bowl and a trash bowl. Over the trash bowl, cut top out of tomato and discard. Over the clean bowl, hold the tomato, top side down and squeeze. The peel should be in your hand, and the tomato in the bowl.

Continue these steps until all your tomatoes are peeled.

Now, for the fun part. You will either need to use a potato masher or your hands, for this step. All the tomatoes need to be mashed, without any large lumps.

When your tomatoes are mashed, stick them in the microwave for 20 minutes. When the microwave stops, stir and restart for another 20 minutes. You will continue this process 4 times, for a total of 140 minutes.

After your second time stirring tomatoes, start the dishwasher with your jars, lids and rings inside. Your tomatoes will have cooked for 2, 20 minutes sessions and still needs to go for another 2, 20 minute sessions. The dishwasher should be in the drying mode when your tomatoes finish cooking.

When your tomatoes finish cooking and the dishwasher is about finished with the drying mode, you can start filling your jars. Take one jar out at a time, and using a ladle, fill up to 1/2" from the top. With a wet dish cloth, or wet paper towel, wipe off rim and band of jar, then place lid on top. Screw on band, but  Not  as tight as you can. Finish filling all jars, and using oven mitts, jar tongs, or a dish towel to pick up, place hot jars in large pot or pressure cooker. I used a pot.

In a your pot, with your jars, you will need to add water up to just over half way. Allow pot, with jars inside, to heat to a rolling boil. Boil jars for 20 to 25 minutes. Turn off heat and allow to cool. Its best to leave the pot, with the jars inside, to cool for about 2 hours before moving. Within that time, the water and jars will cool, and in most cases, the lids will seal. If, after the jars have completely cooled, you have any lids that still haven't sealed, they aren't going to, and you will need to refrigerate the jars to keep its contents from spoiling.
Do not push on tops, allow to seal on their own. Once sealed, tighten bands and Store in cool dry place.

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