Friday, July 5, 2013

Putting Cleaning Methods to the Test

Putting cleaning methods to the test

If you’re like me, you’ve searched the web for quicker, safer, and cheaper cleaning methods for just about every chore in the house. Today, I put a few of the more popular methods, to the test. Good or bad, I’ll tell you the truth.
Method 1:
Cleaning baked on bread pans with baking soda and peroxide or baking soda and white vinegar.
I’ve seen both methods. To be completely fair, I must tell you that the pan used in this experiment is one of my favorites and is used almost every day. Also, it is a nonstick pan which keeps me from using very abrasive pads to clean.
I made a paste from baking soda and peroxide and spread it all over the pan. I let the paste sit in the pan over night. The next morning, I started by rubbing the paste with a sponge. When that didn’t work, I went to the scrub sponge. When that didn’t work, I poured a bit of vinegar on the paste and let it sit for an hour.
I went back to the scrub sponge and when that didn’t work, I pulled out the magic eraser. There are a few things that a magic eraser can’t save and this is one of them.
Conclusion:  This method may work on stainless bread pans but I had no luck on nonstick.
Method 2:
Cleaning hard water stains on stainless pots and pans with baking soda, peroxide, and vinegar.
I made a paste from the three ingredients and rubbed it on the pans.  I allowed the paste to soak for an hour before trying to clean.
I started by rubbing the paste with a sponge. When that didn’t work, I pulled out the magic eraser. Well, chalk that up to another thing my trusty magic eraser failed me on.
Conclusion:  No matter how I tried, this method didn’t work for me.
Method 3:
Cleaning tarnished silver with foil, salt, baking soda and water
I started by lining my sink with foil, then pouring in ½ cup of table salt and ½ cup of baking soda. Then, I filled the sink, half way up, with hot water and dropped the silverware in. Just out of curiosity, I also dropped in two brass cups.
Allowing these to sit for 30 minutes, I went back and saw some promising results. However, the tarnish was not all gone, so I felt to the bottom the sink and realized that the baking soda and salt were not all dissolved. Using my hand, I swirled the water around and made sure all the powders dissolved.  I also, spread out the silver pieces, so that each piece was touching foil and left it again for another 30 minutes.
Conclusion:  This method really works. Not sure if it’s due to my failure to mix the ingredients well to begin with, but I still had to wipe down each piece with a dish cloth. However, the tarnish just wipes away.
If trying this method, I would suggest swirling the powders around with your hand as you fill sink with water. 
Oh, and as for the brass cups . . . this method didn’t work.

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