Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Repurposing Old Jars

New ways to use old jars

Repurposing Old Jars is as easy as spray painting.

Do you need a vase; a coin jar; a memory jar; a storage jar? Well, all you have to do is save jars that sauce or vegetables come in, remove labels and glue, and wash up. If you have difficulty removing glue, rub down with paint thinner. It seems to do the job that alcohol won't. Allow jars to dry.

Simply flip jars upside down and spray paint in any color you wish. Allow to dry. Flip right side up and spray paint top. Allow to dry.

Now, its ready for placing vinyl lettering or hand painting.

You can even get the kids in on this one, by allowing them to decorate a jar.  Give them stickers and paint and see what they create.

Easy, Cheap and Fun. 

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