Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Easy Colored Mason Jar Lanterns

How to Make Colored Mason Jar Lanterns


Votive Candles
Floral wires of any color you choose / Twine / Ribbon
Jars you painted using the technique in our blog entry titled Painting Jars or Bottles: The Waterproof Method

Folks, once you have the jars made the rest is a piece of cake. Its as easy as wrapping, tying, dropping in a candle and hanging. Making the handles can be a bit tricky, but I'm going to attempt to show how to make these using photos.

Floral Wire Handle

First, wrap wire around bottom lip of glass. Leaving one side longer than the other, twist wire around itself. 
 Take long side of wire around to opposite side of jar from where you tied it together. Now, feed end of wire under the original wire.
Feed end of wire under original wire, again.
Now, take both ends of the wire and twist, pulling in opposite directions.
Wrap ends of wires around original wire.
It ready to use.

 Twine and Ribbon Handle

First, take spool of twine and wrap around bottom lip of the jar three times. Leaving about a foot of twine on one side and about half a foot on the other, cut twine from spool.
Next, leaving one side longer than the other, tie both sides of twine together.
Now, take the long side of twine to the opposite side of the jar from where you tied it together. Thread end of string over and under the original twine.
Pull end of string through loop around the original twine and tie off.
Tie ends of twine together, into a bow. Its ready to use.

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