Friday, August 30, 2013

Safer Mosquito Repellant

Listerine as a mosquito repellant
Here's a little something that might come in handy this holiday weekend.

Instead of spraying your family down with the harmful chemical Deet, use Listerine. Pour the mouthwash in a spray bottle and spray the kiddies with it. You may want to use a nice, fresh scent like mint instead of the original Listerine. Also, do not use the whitening mouthwash; you risk staining or bleaching your clothes.

This will have to be reapplied more often than commercial bug repellants, but its safer for the family.


  1. Thanks....will try it..also use mint mouthwash for deskunking the dog....and then he smell like mint!

  2. I use Listerine on my dogs for fluids, all the money I've spent, nothing works dogs love it and stand still for me to spray just a little !! Amazing!!!

  3. I love to test out stuff I'm definitely gonna try it out

  4. Can you use the generic brands?

    1. I've never tried, but I don't see why not. I would use the original (gold colored) flavor though. I seem to get the best results from it.