Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Insect, Bright Outside Light

These lights are inexpensive to make, put out a lot of light and don't attract insects. They are great for camping or for a night event where you want good lighting but no bugs.

And since these buckets don't get hot, they can be used during Halloween parties. You can use a sharpie and paint faces on them. Drape them with sheets to make illuminated, floating ghosts. Install a orange or black light to give a festive glow. The possibilities are endless.


White 5 gallon Bucket with Lid
Electrical Light Box
Single Ceiling Light Bulb Fixture
Exterior approved Extension Cord
Light Bulb
Epoxy or Screws

We picked up our 5 gallon bucket and lid at the Home Depot for just under $5.00. They also have them in the paint section at Walmart. We also used an old, exterior extension cord that had a raw spot on it that was about to be thrown out for safety reasons. Cutting below the raw spot, we still had several feet that were good.

Start by opening your bucket and at the center of the bottom, epoxy or screw down your electrical light box. Allow it to dry if you glued it. Next, drill a  hole in the side, towards the bottom. The hole should be just slightly larger than the size of your extension cord's diameter. Thread the extension cord through the hole.

Now, you're ready to wire the extension cord to the light fixture. Cut and remove the cover off about one inch of the extension cord, exposing two color coated wires. Now, remove about one inch of coating off those wires. Attach one wire to one screw and the other wire to the second screw.

Attach the light fixture to the light box. Install a bulb and place lid on bucket. Its ready to use. When you are finished using the light, the extension cord can be pulled into the bucket for storage.

Alternative Method

White Bucket with Lid
Clamp Light
Heat Resistant Epoxy
Light Bulb
Remove Clamp and shield from clamp light. Drill a hole about half way down one side of the bucket. The hole should be a slightly larger diameter as the end of the light fixture where you screw the bulb in. Next, mix epoxy and line the hole with it. Insert screw in-side of light fixture into hole and hold it in place while epoxy cures. Once epoxy dries, place lid on bucket and its ready to use. This method provides an on/off switch, but the cord can not be stored inside the bucket like the above method.

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