Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge

This beautiful covered bridge was built in the 1840s by a freed slave. Its the oldest and longest surviving bridge of its kind, in the state of Georgia. It was constructed with about 2500 wooden pegs. Though its been kept up by the Georgia Historical Society, you will notice from the photos, that disrespectful teenagers have used it as a hangout.

About half way between Gay and Woodbury, Georgia, its a true hidden treasure. Right off Highway 85, you could drive within a quarter mile of it and never know it. Look for Covered Bridge Rd., a paved road that soon turns to dirt. Travel the dirt road to this nostalgic, beautiful bridge.
The bridge is still open to vehicle traffic, though I'm not sure how much longer this will be so. Floor boards on the northern end of the bridge has fallen in disrepair. Walking across that area seemed a bit treacherous, with one board so bad that a small child could fall through. Use caution when walking the northern, uncovered end of the bridge.
Woodbury, GA
South Entrance

South Entrance

Example of the crisscross construction

Notice the floor boards running parallel to the bridge for vehicle traffic.

Ceiling with old wooden shingles
Example of wooden pegs used to construct the bridge

Northern Entrance

Northern end of bridge that is not covered

View of Red Oak Creek from the bridge

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