Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clothes Pin Turkey


Cheap and easy turkey that you and the kiddies can make together.

Please - Be sure to watch kids closely if they are helping with this craft. Horror stories have been told to me, since I was a small child, about kids being stuck in the eye by metal clothes hangers. So you may want to have them paint individual clothes pins while you shape the hanger.


About 100 Wooden Clothes Pins (Dollar Tree sells them)
1 Metal Clothes Hanger (I used a small pant hanger)
Several different colors of paint (spray paint, finger paints, water color, acrylics, etc. Whatever you have on hand.)


Using kid's safe paint, have children paint individual clothes pins and allow to dry.


First, wrap the hook around itself to make a circle. Pull the bottom of your hanger until it is in the shape of a diamond. Next, shape into a triangle with equal sides. 
Now, round off the left and right sides; it will look like a circle with a flat side. 
Push hook towards the center of the flat side.
Place pins all around metal hanger. On the flat side, I have all mine standing up except for two  This was done to help it stand the way I wanted. On the front, where the hook is, I placed all my pins upside down to fill in the open area.
Next, using different colors of spray paint, I painted the darkest color at the bottom and layered lighter colors to the top. After allowing it to dry, I used pliers and shaped the hook into a triangle to serve as my turkey's head.
I used mine as a centerpiece holder for table decoration. I plan to will use it to hold my bread basket at Thanksgiving to add a festive touch.

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