Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Refrigerator Magnet - Fund Raiser Idea

Christmas Refrigerator Magnet

My little niece's 3rd grade class decided they wanted to do fund raisers. These children wanted to raise money to pay for field trips for any child whose parents couldn't pay for these outings. It touched my heart to think that these young, little people cared so much about one another. They were determined to do what it took to make sure that everyone got go on these outings.

Of course, the children needed items to sell. Once they shared their story, people were willing to help by donating items. My sister-in-law, my niece's mother, and I put our heads together and we came up with this idea. It was simple, but something that can be used for the holidays.

Well, my niece and I spent an afternoon making these cute refrigerator magnet. We made about thirty for $5.00. She will turn that $5.00 into $30.00; not a bad return. In turn, she will be able to help 2 classmates go on their spring field trip. That does a heart good.


Spray Paint
Clothes Pins (Dollar Tree)
1/4" Holiday Themed or Colored Ribbon (Walmart)
Peel and Stick Sheets of Magnets (Dollar Tree)

A day ahead, remove clothes pins from plastic, but keep pinned to cardboard. Spray paint one side of pins and allow to dry. Then flip them over, and spray paint the other side. Once dry, you can begin to tie on your ribbon. I tied the first ribbon, then untied it, and gave it to my niece to cut several ribbon strips of the same size. When she had 30 cut, we tied all the ribbons to the pins. We did the same with the magnet, as we did with the ribbon. I measured the magnets, and gave her one to go by, to cut the rest. Then it was as simple as peeling off the backing and sticking the magnets to the pins.

These will be great to hang those Photo Christmas Cards on the fridge. They're cute and festive.

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