Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sparkling Snow Candle Holder - Upcycling Old Jars

Here's another way to reuse those old jars and make them festively, pretty. This is a craft that the kids can do with a little help from adults.


Old jars
Iridescent Glitter
Clear School Glue
Ribbon of any color you choose
Tea light Candle
Simply squeeze some glue into the jar and tilt at a slightly, downwards angle. Turn the jar until the entire inner surface is covered with glue. Add more glue, as needed, to cover all the jar. You may have to use your finger to wipe over any spots that are bare.
When the entire interior of the jar is covered with glue, then sprinkle in some of the glitter. You'll have to sort of shake the jar to cover all areas. Simply cover the jar with your hand and shake until 
the glitter covers all areas. Add more glitter until the entire jar is covered.
Dry upright, then insert candle. Tie a ribbon around the band and its ready to use.
These are really pretty in the light of day, but at night, when you fire up their candles . . . they put on a show.

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