Friday, November 1, 2013

Veterans Day Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways

We're cleaning out our closets and our followers are the winners.

Throughout the year, we have collected quite the treasure trove of handmade items. We have to get rid of these items, so we can make room for more. Instead of selling them at a discounted price, we have decided to give them away. It's our way of thanking all the individuals who have supported us in our first year of business. And what a year.

Mint Juleps 'n Muddin' was born due to the many friends and family that have often as us, "how did you do that?" Or, "I want you to make me one of those." Our response was to create a blog where we could not only share this information with those who have asked, but also, anyone else in the world. With encouragement, from those same individuals, we also opened our Etsy store. Each hand crafted item by Mint Juleps 'n Muddin' is made with that same love and attention that we give to the items we make for our loved ones.

With that perfectionist attitude, you might imagine, that are several items that get tossed in the reject pile. Often, friends and family go through those items and ask, "What's wrong with this?" Or comment, "You're insane. I don't even see what you're talking about." Our response is always, "Well, we did." If we don't like it, it doesn't get shipped.

There are also several items that were used as displays or discontinued product lines that we scrapped before ever making it to the store. We have given things to friends, donates items, and still, we are overrun by our stock. Our solutions? Give them to our followers. What better way to thank all of you, than by cleaning out our stock. Please know these are not trash, but second quality items that did not pass our high quality standard for our customers. Photos of the actual prizes will be displayed.

How will it work?
No purchase necessary to win our followers giveaways.
Veterans Day we will be posting giveaways, all day long.  You comment your name and where you follow us, under that post, and a winner will be chosen at random. Example:  Mary Smith - Etsy
We will also be giving away a surprise gift to one random purchaser from our Etsy store on Veterans Day.

What's the catch?
You have to be one of our followers. Pinterest, Blog, Facebook, Etsy - we don't care, just as long as you're one of our followers.

Where will the posts be made?
The posts will be here and on facebook.

Does the winner have to pay postage for their item?
No, we not only are we giving these items away, but we are going to ship them to you free of charge.

How do I claim a prize?
When your name is announced, simply fill out a contact form on our blog and send us your mailing address. We ask for your email address, but know your information will not be shared with anyone outside of Mint Juleps 'n Muddin'

Where will winners be announced?
Winners will be announced on facebook and the blog.

Is there a time limit to claim a prize?
Yes. Within 24 hours of the announcement, the winner must claim their prize.

Can a follower win more than one prize?
No. In order to make it fair to all, prizes are limited to one per follower.

What other promotions do you have in store for Veterans Day?
We will be randomly posting discount codes here and on facebook. These codes will be for different percentages off your purchase in our Etsy story. These codes will only be good for a limited time, so act fast if you have something you want to grab up. You may want to shop around our store now, to decide what you want before Veterans Day.

As mentioned previously, we will choose a random purchaser, from our Etsy store to give a surprise gift. This prize does not have to be claimed in order to receive the gift. This winner will also be announced on the blog and facebook, the following day.

What kind of prizes are going to be up for grabs?
Wedding Signs, Redneck Wine Glasses, Apothecary Jars, and more. Actual items photos will be posted so you can decide if you wish to try for it.

And to get this promotion started off right . . . anyone that repins or shares this post is in the running for an apothecary jar. Just come back here and comment your name and where you follow us, beneath this post. The winner will be announced the morning of Veterans Day.

That's it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the form on this blog.

And again, thank you all for your dedication. Good Luck!