Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veterans Day Giveaways Update!!

We've had a few of you ask when we plan to start our giveaways. In order to make it fair, for all our followers, we've decided to start at approximately 11:00am EST. We will continue until all the gifts are given away. Watch for special discount codes and cash off coupons to use in our store.

How it will work:

All items will be posted here and on facebook. One person, from either, will be chosen at random as the winner.

We will start by announcing the winner of our apothecary jar. Next, the picture of the item that is up for grabs will be posted. Beneath that post, write your name and where you follow us. That's it. You're in the running to win that item. A winner of each item will be posted before we go to the next giveaway.

Please remember, a follower can only win one prize. Also, you have 24 hours to claim your prize.

To claim a prize, you must use our contact form on this blog. Send us your Name, mailing address and the prize you are claiming.

Good Luck! And thank you all for your participation.

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