Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY - Silver Bells From Drink Bottles

Here's another cute craft you can make from drink bottles.


20 oz. drink bottles
Floral wires (2 different gauges)
Metallic Spray Paint
Crystals from the jewelry making section in crafts
Scissors and/or box blade
Start by cutting the top out of your drink bottle. Where you cut it, will depend on how you want your bell to look.
Use scissors to clean up and shape the bottom of your bell.
Next, drill a tiny hole in the center of the drink lid.
Guide floral wire through the hole, making sure the wire is longer than the bell.

Loop the wire at the top of the lid, so the wire will not pull through the hole.

Lay out newspaper and place the bell and lid on it.

Spray paint pieces with metallic paint. You will need spray on 2 or 3 coats to cover all areas well.

Once dry, you can place your crystals. Just guide the floral wire through the hole of the crystal and twist wire onto itself.

Now, to hang your bells, you simply push a floral wire through the same hole in the lid and fold it over. I used a larger gauge wire for the hanging wire than I did the crystal wire.

Arranged with a few gold jingle bells, clear balls and ribbon, and you have a nice little arrangement.

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