Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY 2 Liter Bunny Basket w/ Stencils

This is a Simple and Free project that can be made for primary school students or your Easter Table. They can be used as a basket, a vase, or a food container for Easter dinners and parties. Let you imagination run wild.

I used a marker to draw out the bunny head, and then I used a box cutter to roughly cut out the design. Then I took scissors and cleaned up the edges - making them nice and smooth. A hot glue gun was used to glue the tips of the ears in place and to add a bow tie. Cheap craft paint, and a clipart photo of a bunny, helped to get the bunny face just as I wanted.

Print out the Stencils below and cut out the designs. Tape them to a clean 2 liter bottle and use a marker to draw out the lines you will cut along. The bow stencil is placed in the area of plastic, you will use to make the bow.

Glue on crazy eyes, felt ears, or faux fur just to make yours different. Have fun with this little guy, and include the kids, by allowing them to color him with markers, instead of paint.

Happy Easter to All!
Front Stencil
Back Stencil with Bow Tie