Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wine, Beer or Liquor Bottle Lamp with Shade


Wine or Beer Bottle

Chinese Takeout Box

Clear Elmer's Glue

Epsom Salt

Iridescent Glitter

Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Hot Glue

Beads of your choice or Costume Jewelry

Drawer Knob or Crystal

Tulle / Ribbon

Decorative Cutting Scissors

Small Paint Brush


Wax Paper

Paints of your choice


These are so much fun to create. Basically, I allowed the items I had laying around be the judge of how they turned out. So before you begin- rummage through your old costume jewelry; dig around your craft room; ask friends and neighbors to save their wine or beer bottles.


First - I laid out wax paper in one area of an outdoor table. Then, I laid out the newspaper in a separate area of the table. Over the wax paper, about a third of the way down the bottle, I painted on Elmer's Glue. Don't worry about being precise; you want it to look uneven. While holding a bottle over the newspaper, sprinkle Epsom salt on the bottles, allowing the paper to catch the excess salt. Once all the glue is covered with salt, set the bottle on the wax paper and start the process over with a new bottle. You can occasionally, gather the excess salt from the newspaper and reuse it on another bottle. When you finish salting all the bottles, you will want to clear any excess salt from your newspaper, so you can begin the glitter process. Shake glitter over the salted section of each bottle. The salt covered glue will be still be wet enough to collect the glitter. Set the bottles on your wax paper to dry.

Next - Use your decorative scissors to cut the tabs from your Takeout Boxes. Your imagination is the only limitation here. I chose to give mine a bit of a curved look but you can cut straight across or however you choose. Now, I used the newspaper again to spray paint my boxes. The smallest box, I painted silver and threw a few iridescent glitter flakes into the wet paint. Then, I lightly sprayed a white paint over that. The Middle box, I painted a grey blue, and then, lightly sprayed it with silver. Finally, I painted the largest box with a white paint and lightly covered that with a gold.

Now, I would suggest allowing the bottles and the boxes to dry overnight - inside.

The Next day - Insert your Christmas lights into your bottles. Now, depending on the size of your battery box and the size of your takeout boxes, you may want to hot glue the battery box to the top of your bottle; before inserting batteries. Please note - If your battery box is large, your takeout box will not sit right on your bottle. I allowed my large battery box to sit beneath a small mirror that I place under my bottle.

Finally - Its time to decorate.  Hopefully, you have gathered old jewelry, tulle, ribbons, beads; whatever your heart desires, to decorate your takeout boxes (Lamp Shades). A little tip: I used straight pins to help with the placement of my decorations. If you like the way everything looks, you can go back and hot glue them in place. Lastly, top off your shade with a decorative drawer knob, crystal, or bead. Just hot glue it in place, and now, you're ready to enjoy your creation.

They are so cute in the light and dark. These would even make great gifts. Thinking that the next one I make will be a Christmas Themed Lamp. The key is fun. We'd love to see pics of your creations. 

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