Monday, November 17, 2014

Quick & Easy 6 Step Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

1 Wide Mouth Quart Jar
1 Wide Mouth  Lid
1 Dial Liquid Soap Dispenser
Spray Paint of your Choice
Drill with Bits
Step One
Spray Paint Your Wide Mouth Jar's Exterior and the Dispenser Pump's top.
I Spray Painted my jar with a Black Satin Metallic Paint and the top of the pump with a Chalk Board Paint.

Step Two
Invert your soap dispenser opening onto the top of your lid and outline it with a Marker.

Step Three
Using your drill, drill several connecting holes into the lid, using the marker circle as your guide.

How your lid will look when the circle is drilled out.


Step Four
Insert the Soap Bottle top into the hole you drilled in the lid. Next, insert your soap pump into the bottle and twist down.
It will look like the photo above. 
Step Five
Insert the soap bottle into your jar.

Step Six
Screw the Ring onto the jar.

Now, its ready to use.

To Refill, simply replace the empty bottle with a new one.

This is a Pint Jar that I Made just thrown in to give you an idea of how you can decorate your dispenser. This pint jar was made with the same method as above, but pouring the soap into the jar itself. With this method you must cut the  twist on ring top from the dispenser and glue it into the lid hole with a waterproof glue.


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