Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rustic Beer Bottle Lamp with Antler Shade

Okay, Okay, I know that on yesterday that I said the next lamp project was to be Christmas Themed, but . . .  Inspiration hit and I just had to go with it. More things that I had laying around the house went into this little creation. Its made with - basically, the same concept as the wine bottle lamps, with a few minor changes.


Brown Beer Bottle
Elmer's Clear Glue
Play Sand or natural sand
15" Diameter Circle of Burlap
3" Diameter or more (at the widest point) by 5" Tall Cup (It must be made of a material that can be cut) 
Spent Rifle Shell
Antlers or Twigs
Battery Operated Christmas Lights
Hot Glue unless using a Styrofoam cup, then use any quick drying glue
Knife or Box Cutter


First - I laid out wax paper in one area of an outdoor table. Then, I laid out the newspaper in a separate area of the table. Over the wax paper, about a third of the way down the bottle, I painted on Elmer's Glue. Don't worry about being precise; you want it to look uneven. While holding a bottle over the newspaper, sprinkle Sand on the bottle, allowing the paper to catch the excess sand. Once all the glue is covered with sand, set the bottle on the wax paper and start the process over with a new bottle. You can occasionally, gather the excess sand from the newspaper and reuse it on another bottle. Set the bottles on your wax paper to dry.

Next - If your cup is not 5" tall, please cut accordingly. Find the center point of the bottom of the cup and cut about an half inch hole (this will be used to insert your spent rifle shell later). Put glue on the entire exterior of cup, including the bottom interior, and cover with burlap. Be sure to flip the excess burlap inside the bottom of the cup to be glued.

Now, I would suggest allowing the bottles and the cups to dry overnight - inside.

The Next day - Insert your Christmas lights into your bottles. Now, depending on the size of your battery box and the size of your cups, you may want to hot glue the battery box to the top of your bottle; before inserting batteries. Please note - If your battery box is large, your cup will not sit right on your bottle.

Finally - Its time to decorate.  Hopefully, you have gathered antlers or twigs to decorate your cups (Lamp Shades). A little tip: I placed all the antlers where I wanted them and had my husband tightly wrap the twine around them. He tied off the twine, then I hot glued the antlers in place. Lastly, top off your shade by poking a small hole in the top, center, of the burlap that covers your cup.  This should be right over the hole you had previously made in the cup. Now, insert you spent rifle shell and hot glue it in place. Its ready to enjoy.

We'd love to see pics of your creations. So get busy creating these for all your hunters, hunt camps and even center pieces for Rustic Weddings.

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