Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 28 ~ Stormy Days

Thrive Le-vel Review

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 28 ~ Stormy Days

Planning to work on my, after the 30 day Thrive challenge photos, today. Wish me luck because I'm a novice at this selfie thing. I want to convey the changes that I've noticed, without showing a lot of skin. Let's face it; I don't want to scare everyone to death, just show you the difference.

Its funny how your life can be going on this even, straight track, and all of a sudden, its derailed by a storm of life. Sometimes, it feels as though the car you're in, will never stop being hit by debris. It seems that when chaos hits, it continues from every direction. After a while, you may even long for a boring night at home, watching television, without any concerns. That's where I've been this month.

I know that not everyone reading this may believe in a higher power, but I do; you may feel you're too smart for that. I believe in Karma - what you put into the world, is what you get out. I've lived long enough to see, the evil things that people have done, eventually, come back to them; in one form or another. And in turn, I've also witness the good deeds that people have done, be rewarded.  I've experienced things that I've been told were impossible, become possible, after thanking God in advance for those things; Big Things.

With all that being said, its funny how this opportunity came along, just before all the chaos hit. No one knew what was going to take place, not even me, but God did. It was as though, I couldn't complete one life-altering thing, before another one began. I honestly believe that taking Thrive has allowed me to stay calm, get outside my own head, to not obsess over things that are out of my control, and allowed me to keep my own peace in this storm, and to even laugh at some of the things that were just over-the-top. Real or not, I'm grateful.

Remember those in the path of Maria. See you tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 27 ~ Realizations and Epiphanies

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 27 ~ Realizations and Epiphanies

Its funny how my thoughts about this product has changed over the course of 27 days. I started this review thinking I was going to find the "key" - the simple thing that was causing the weight loss in these people that they could do without a pill or patch. At first, I thought it was the water intake that aided in the weight loss. Then, I decided it was an introduction of a breakfast that many people skip. Next, I decided it was a combination of the two. Truly, I would be amiss, if I said that those things didn't help; they do. But there's more. I can't explain the changes that I've seen within myself, except for the introduction of this product in my everyday life.

I've had more energy.
I haven't been experiencing my normal carb cravings.
I've felt fuller, faster.
Compared to a month ago, my mood and emotions have been in check and level.
My pants are looser.
My tummy is smaller.

What's that old saying; you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Well, this "old dog" has learned a few new things, but no tricks.

Le-vel has dispelled my preconceived notions about MLMs. This is not the same old MLMs that we grew up running away from. It seems that this company has taken an old, abused business model and molded, and reshaped into the new 21st century way of building a business. With no brick and mortar buildings to drain profits, they promote their brand by having their customers become sellers; brilliant! If you love and believe in a product, you're going to tell all your friends. If you're going to tell everyone about it, you may as well make money doing it. (Wish I had stock in Magic Erasers.) And, with the use of the Internet, information and orders are streamlined.

With this month's review, drawing to an end, I can't help but wonder about a few things.
First, how many other people are just like me, and refuse to give Thrive a try, because of it being a MLM? Next, How many people are turned off by the expense of trying it? Finally, how many people are avoiding their friends and family because they feel they will be "pressured" into buying something? Those are all things that Le-vel will have to address with training or promoting.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 26 ~ Almost to the End

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 26 ~ Almost to the End

Its hard to believe this 30 day journey with you is almost over. When I started this review, I started as a skeptic; a pessimist. It was impossible for me to believe Thrive really worked the way people were claiming. I was dead-set in my belief that it was a well perpetrated scam. There is no way, I would have ever spent my own money to do this review, much less, try this product on my own.

With that being said, I need to send a thank you to my benefactor who made this review possible. Without her, I would have Never done this analysis because I wouldn't have invested the money it took to do it. She believed in something so strongly that she invested her own money in my research. And to be clear, she is not a seller of the product. I hope that she is pleased with my honest assessment of the product and my efforts to clearly convey my experiences. Thank you for the opportunity, to share with others, my Thrive journey.

Check back each day. This is the last week of my Thrive review. In a few days, I will be revealing my husband's and my, total weight loss for this 30 day review.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 25 ~ A Valuable Lesson

Thrive Le-vel Review
The other brand of Shake I used. The taste is okay but the texture is gross.

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 25 ~ A Valuable Lesson

Well, yesterday, I ran another Thrive experiment, only this one, I didn't intend to. I allowed myself to run out of Thrive shakes. With my husband and I both taking Thrive, and the shakes coming in an odd amount, I completely overlooked that we were both extremely low.

I ordered more shakes Friday, but until they come in, I wouldn't have any, and my husband would have a supply thru Monday. To be honest, I didn't really worry about it because I have other meal replacement shakes I had bought previous to starting Thrive. I figured, I could use those until the Thrive shakes came in. A diet shake is a diet shake; really, how different can they be?

First, if you gag when you are trying to drink the shake, its not a good sign. Next, I kid you not, I noticed a drop in my energy level. About mid-day, I was feeling tired and wondered why, then I remembered my shake substitute. Last night, my old carb cravings hit, and it dawned on me, I haven't been having them while taking Thrive; I hadn't even noticed.

So, I guess I learned a few beneficial things from running out of the Thrive shakes.
1) Not every diet shake is created equal.
2) The Thrive shake is Not just a meal replacement.
3) It does help with energy, as well as, aid in curbing the appetite.
4) It helps to suppress certain food cravings.

Let me make this clear: The experiences that I share are Not what someone is telling is happening; because of A, B happened. These are my own observations. I have had limited contact with the Thrive consultant, who serves as my coach. This, I did purposefully, so I can share my Own thoughts and experiences. I didn't want someone who is already sold on a product, telling me what I was experiencing. I wanted to figure that out on my own.

In conclusion, it appears that every element of the Thrive regiment is a crucial part of a whole. In order to get the best possible results, you must use the 3 products, as suggested, to achieve your energy and weight loss goals.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 24

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 24

Still at it! Thrive is helping with me to lose weight and giving me energy. Now, I wonder if they can do anything about the freckles...

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 23 ~ Life lessons from Harvey & Irma

Thrive Le-vel Review
Savannah, GA overpass during Hurricane Irma Evacuation
Thank you Ann Whittacre for allowing us to use your photo.

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 23
My husband still says that he's not noticing a difference in his energy level. I say, he has more sustained energy throughout the day. We've been told that it takes longer use for some to experience the jolt of energy. In reality, I think that size and metabolism has to come into play somewhere. If everyone is using the same amount of a product, but everyone is not made the same, then I think the "amount taken" would need to be adjusted for some. As I experienced too much of a burst of energy to start, I think others may need more of a burst. Just my observation.

Irma - Metro Atlanta Update:
Most in our area had power restored, as of last evening. There are still scattered power outages, but nothing like our coastal regions of Georgia, and still, even less like Florida. People here have started their own cleanups and most evacuees have left to go back home; praying they all have homes to go back to.

Life Lessons from Harvey & Irma:
We've learned a lot from Harvey and Irma. We've learned how to open our arms to our neighbors, whether they are next door, or the next state over. We've seen people drop everything in their lives to drive hundreds of miles to take their bass boats out to rescue strangers off their roofs. We've seen men and women share food, time, and money with families that had out of state plates on their vehicles. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, white, black, American, Latino, made no difference to these storms; they didn't discriminate. And Neither did We during our time of Need. We've seen the will of the American people come together and help one another. That's why America is Great and that's why she will continue to be Great; her people. God Bless!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 22 ~ Q & A

Thrive Le-vel Review

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 22

Today, I thought I'd do something different. I'm going to share a few things that people have asked me about my Thrive experience. Some of the questions I've gotten, I didn't even think of with my skeptical mind, so figured I 'd share.

Q & A

1) Does the products come numbered, telling you to use this pack on this day, and another pack on another day?
No, nothing is numbered for a starting day and so on. Items are packaged in several days supply and you use the one you grab out of the box.

2) Is there a starter pack that you start with, and then, move on to other products after the initial use?
No, from what I've seen, you just order the same items over and over. They do have other things that can be purchased, like flavored packs to add to water for energy, and so on.

3) Will you reach a plateau in your weight loss like many people normally do when dieting?
To be completely honest, I have no clue. I hope not.

4) Do you think its all water weight that you are losing?
At first, I thought that it was probably going to be water weight loss, but now, I'm not sure. I will let my doctor be the deciding factor on that one. I do know that I've seen the weight loss in my husband and I don't believe that's the case with him.

5) Have you tried other diets in the past, and if so, what were the results?
Yes, I've tried the clean eating diet, the no carb diet, the all protein diet, the raw diet; the list goes on. I've found nothing that I could stick with. I either got discouraged from the lack of weight loss or I felt deprived.

6) Are there any special instructions on what to eat and when, with Thrive?
Honestly, their are No restriction, but to take the pills with water, drink a shake, and put on the patches, as soon as you get up in the morning. That's why I didn't believe it would work; it was too simple.

7) Are you going to continue to use Thrive after this 30 day Review is over?
Yes, I have decided to continue to use it as long as I continue to get the results that I've gotten. My doctor will be the ultimate deciding factor, but if he has no concerns, then I will continue. The skeptic in me says that I'm giving my money away for some vitamins and herbs. The realist in me says, but those vitamins and herbs are making you feel better and helping you lose weight. For me, right now, I believe the benefit outweighs the costs. I can't believe I just said that!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 21

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 21

Okay, I couldn't stand it anymore. I broke down and tried on those jeans that are a size smaller. I was able to zip them up, and button them, but I didn't try sitting in them. This was much more promising than a few weeks ago when I tried them on. Then, I couldn't get them even close to meeting, much less, actually buttoning them. Its a promising result. and a motivating one, as well.

Still enjoying the energy, and I don't get it, but I actually still believe that this stuff levels my mood. True or not, I'm grateful for what I've been experiencing. If it gets me through peri and menopause, hey, I'll take it.

We weigh in next week, so check back for the results!

Thought for the day:  Treat others, they way you'd want to be treated.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 20

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 20

The extreme thirst from over the weekend has subsided and I'm actually grateful. It was so bad that I had began to be concerned. I only drank about 3 liter of water, yesterday, and I'm telling you, that was a lot less than the the days before.

That poochy belly that I referred to before beginning Thrive, has decreased in size. I'm shocked each morning that I get up and look in the mirror. I turn to the side, and check out my tummy, and its getting smaller. The skeptic in me says this can not be real, but I'm loving the reflection, whether its real or not. I'm really getting excited about our weigh in and finding out just how much weight we have both lost.

Irma has finally pasted here, for the most part, and we have a yard full of debris, but no damage. We fared better than many in our area. Some experienced trees or branches onto their homes. Our area has had wide spread power outages and many are still without. We are one of the fortunate few that have our electricity back on.

My son who, evacuated due to Irma, has been told that he can not return to his home, until the authorities give the all clear. They aren't allowing anyone into the town, until they get a hold of the damage, and get the roads clear. He won't know how much damage his place got until then. He's getting a bit impatient, wanting to get back, but at least he is safe.

Praying for all those effected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 19

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 19

The thirst is still intense and I can't even imagine how many liters of water I drank yesterday. I will try to keep track of it today and report tomorrow.

Irma is starting to bear down on us in the metro Atlanta area. We're just getting gusts of high winds and light rain; nothing compared to Florida. Most Georgia schools and many businesses closed today, in front of Irma hitting here. I can't help but think, with Georgia at a stand still, today is a great day to STOP, honor, and remember 9-11-2001. God Bless those we lost that day, those who serve in our military, and all who are working through Irma to keep others safe.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 18

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 18

The thirst has been severe this weekend. I imagine this is what a new born vampire feels like; my homage to Twilight. Not sure if its the allergy meds, or the Thrive, or a combination of the two, but I can Not drink enough water.

To be honest, it hard to focus on much with Irma hitting. Here, in metro Atlanta, the winds are already gusting and we're hundreds of miles from the storm. My heart, prayers, and thoughts are with all those in her path. God Bless!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 17

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 17

The energy level is great, and now that the weather has started to cool, I'm really able to enjoy it more. High 70s is perfect for this ole' body. Had a busy day, yesterday, and a night of High School football. It doesn't get much better than that, unless of course, the team you are rooting for wins.

Spent the morning stocking the fridge for my evacuee. I want to make sure I have plenty of my son's favorites, while he's here, waiting out Irma. Our little town has been inundated with folks evacuating to the Atlanta Motor Speedway to camp during the hurricane. I can't help but wonder if the people in that sea of campers will have homes to go back to. Praying for the best for All!

Have a great weekend and Keep those in Irma's path in your thoughts!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 16 ~ His Assessment

Thrive Le-vel Review

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 16 ~ His Assessment

Extremely busy day, yesterday.
I've noticed that the more I do, the more energy I get. It's when I'm required to sit for a while and do nothing that I get tired. Last evening, I was riding with my husband, while he ran errands. After an hour and a half of just sitting, I was fighting sleep so badly that I considered asking him to stop for coffee. But when we arrived back home, I hit the ground running, and worked another 3 hours. It was strange.

My husband's assessment:
After 15 days, he still hasn't noticed a change in his energy level, but he has noticed that his appetite is curbed. I've noticed that he has more energy in the afternoons than prior to taking Thrive. So I think he's not getting the burst in energy, but has more sustained energy throughout the day. As of yesterday, day 15 of our Thrive Review, he has dropped a pant size! I'm in shock! I honestly can Not give any other explanation, suggestion, or excuse as to why he's lost the weight, other than the Thrive. Taking the Thrive is the Only thing that he is doing different and the weight seems to be falling off of him. Unbelievable!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thrive Le-vel Halfway of a 30 Day Review: Day 15 ~ The Secret

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 15 ~ Halfway & I Share the Secret

Thrive Le-vel Review

I told you guys, a few days ago, that I had a secret I'd been keeping from you. The hint I gave was, think "controlled experiment."

In my research of Thrive, one thing that became apparent to me was people who normally didn't drink water, began to, once they started Thrive. The pessimist in me said, "its the water. The increase in water intake, and the dropping of unhealthy drinks is what's causing these people to lose weight." With this in mind, I thought, "I wonder how it works for individuals who already drink nothing but water."

Another thing became apparent, in my Thrive research, was people who normally didn't eat breakfast, was drinking a shake in the morning. I couldn't help but wonder if the introduction of a "breakfast" was helping with the curbing of the appetite and assisting in weight loss. In scientific research, in order to get true readings during an experiment, you need a "control subject;" hence the placebo in blind medical research. If I was going to do this right, I needed individuals to join my tiny research group, who were either water drinkers, or breakfast eaters, to serve as "control subjects."

Well, it just so happens that my husband is one of those people that drinks nothing but water, and eats breakfast every morning. The light bulb went off and with a little nudging, he agreed to do a month of Thrive with me. The loved one who bought my month's supply of Thrive, also bought his. He started the Men's Thrive routine, the day I started the Women's. For the past 15 days, he has been serving as my "control subject."

To be painfully honest, I had no intentions of sharing this information, until the end of the 30 days. If I lost weight, I had planned to say, I lost weight because of the increased water intake and an introduction of breakfast. As proof of what made the difference, I was going to use my husband's Thrive experience as an example. He, who already drank nothing but water, and ate breakfast every morning, prior to using Thrive, had not lost weight. Well, just by looking at him, nothing could be further from the truth. His weight loss is obvious to me. No one is more surprised about this than me; the pessimist; the skeptic.

My husband's 15th day assessment:  He hasn't noticed a difference in his energy level but has noticed a curb to his appetite. The full feeling that happens mid-way through a meal is also something he's experiencing. His pants are looser and he's noticed a difference is his stomach size. He has done absolutely nothing different, other than the Thrive morning routine.

We are both going to weigh in, on the same day, and reveal those results to you here. It will be the end of the 30 day review. If looks are any kind of judge, my husband is probably going to have lost more weight than me; jealous.

To be clear: I am Not a PhD or MD and make no claim to be either. I'm just a person who is very thorough, and believes that if its worth doing, its worth doing right. This is my honest assessment of the study I am conducting. My research is for personal use and not to serve as scientific research purposes.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 14 - Notes from a Perimenopausal

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 14

Thrive Le-vel Review

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster - from my only child moving away, then hurricane Irma possibly hitting where he moved to, to having to cancel my and my husband's vacation because of Irma, to an emotionally fragile family member causing Drama. Normally, I would have blown my top by now.

Yes; I have cried. Yes; I have vented to my husband. Yes; I've felt fear and worry. But, in all that, I don't think any of those emotions have been over the top. Remember, I previously shared with you, that I'm perimenopausal, and as such, my husband thought for a while that I was demon possessed. I mean, my emotions were all over the place, and there were days, where I couldn't stand myself. Its horrible, because you know your emotions are illogical, but you can't talk yourself out of the craziness that you feel.

I don't know if its a coincident, but I just realized that I haven't felt that emotional out-of-control since starting Thrive. Coincident or not, I'm thankful. I'm sure my husband is too. It strange how self-unaware we are at times.

Anyways, enough of that! I hinted that I will be sharing a secret that I've been keeping from you on the 15th day of this review. Check back in with me tomorrow for the Big Reveal. I think a few of you who know us, on a personal level, will be surprised. It is rather enlightening.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 13

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 13

Thrive Review

Going strong! Thrive didn't let me down yesterday. I had energy all day to get things done and my appetite was curbed. I've even noticed that I can't eat as much in one sitting as I normally do. Heck, I even forget to eat!

Yesterday, I hadn't eaten all day, and around 2 pm, I decided I better eat something. After 3 chicken fingers, a roll and a cup (not a bowl, but a cup) of soup, I was feeling so full that I felt gorged. That's just unheard of for me. I didn't eat much else the rest of the day. Around 8:00 pm, my husband made himself a sandwich and I ate a yogurt and a protein pack of cheese and nuts. That satisfied my appetite.

Done my Thrive routine for the day and ready to get to work!

All my friends and family in Florida - keep a weathered eye out for Irma! She's looking Nasty!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 12

Thrive Le-vel Day 12 Review

Happy Labor Day!

Still enjoying this energy! Up early again, done my Thrive routine, and ready for the day.

Yesterday, I helped to finish pack up my son for his move, and cried as he drove out the drive. Fought the blues all evening, but that's to be expected during major life events. A Kenny Chesney song kept playing over and over in my head.

In the evening, I worked to try to occupy my mind. I got a lot accomplished; considering. It was nice to have the energy to do what needed to be done, and not be in excruciating pain, so I could get it done. The turmeric and glucosamine has helped to keep the pain level down and manageable.

Feeling more positive this morning and ready for this new phase of life. I plan to be thinner, healthier, and hopefully, more active. I want to feel good, and be up for going to see my son - at the drop of a hat. We have an empty nest now, so we can plan life for a couple, again.

There is a noticeable difference in the way my shorts fit; they are bit baggy. I still refuse to weigh in until the end of this review. I'm going to let you guys in on a secret I've been keeping from you on the 15 day of this review, so be sure to check back in with us. Hint:  Think "controlled experiment;" for you science minded folks out there.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 11

Thrive Le-vel Day 11 Review

Great energy yesterday! Spent the day doing chores and visiting with my son. He took his room apart and got things packed up for moving to the other side of the state. I boxed up things that he will need for his new apartment, and tried to be supportive, all the while my heart ached for him to stay. Enough about that! 

I got up early again, this morning, and ready for a full day. Loving this energy, now, for the most part, the pain is under control. I'm certain the intense pain was a combination of things, and hopefully, I've got it figured out. As soon as I get up, I take the 2 Thrive capsule and 1 Turmeric, with about 10 ounces of water. Then, I make and drink my Thrive shake, and place my patches. Later in the day, around 2 pm, I make my fruit smoothie, in which I add honey, glucosamine and more Turmeric. This combination seems to work for me; fingers crossed.

Feel free to send me your questions. Have a great and Safe Holiday!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 10

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 10

Much less pain this morning, even after getting up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning! This is unheard of for me, especially since I have no plans that required me to get up this early. Adding the Turmeric back into my daily regiment seems to be helping with the pain; Yes!  I've already done my Thrive routine this morning and I'm ready for my chores.

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day Weekend!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 9

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 9

Though I've been plagued with aches and pains, and can't do as much as I feel like doing, I have noticed a marked difference in the size of my tummy. I'm not sure if this is water weight that I've lost, or if this is truly fat, but I'm liking what I'm seeing in the mirror. It gives me an incentive to keep going.

Slowly, I'm learning what works for me, in the aspect of , what I can drop from my daily routine and what I can't. I love natural remedies; if they work. I've found, in the past, that Turmeric helps me keep away some of the daily aches associated with my back issues. Starting this program, I thought it best to drop off every herb and vitamin that I take, to give Thrive a fair review. I am now, adding back in the 1600 mg of Turmeric that I normally take, on a daily basis. I've taken more muscle relaxers and pain pills, in the past few days, than I care to. This pain has got to be relieved, or my energy level is not going to make a hill of beans.

The smoothie/shake I drank yesterday was okay but a bit strange to me. This morning, I just kept to the normal shake powder with milk, and I'll make a smoothie around lunch. I'll add the turmeric with the smoothie, or just swallow the capsule its in. I think it was a mistake to drop it off when starting Thrive, but you live and learn.

My advice to anyone with chronic pain issues that's about to start Thrive:
Do Not stop your daily pain management. In my experience, the ingredients in Thrive, that is to help with average aches, is not enough for someone with severe issues. Thrive probably helps with minor body aches but not serious ones. Lesson Learned.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 8

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 8

Thrive Le-vel Review

Changed my shake up a bit this morning. I love my smoothies, so I decided to add the vanilla shake powder to one of my tropical fruit smoothies. It was okay. I think a banana, peanut butter with chocolate shake powder would be better. I will be trying that one. 

I had decided on the smoothie because I generally add my supplements to them. With the aches and vertigo, I felt that I needed to add back in the turmeric, glucosamine and raw honey that I normally add to my daily smoothies. Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, glucosamine for joint health and raw honey for sinus/allergies. I'll let you know if I notice a difference.

The substantiated energy has been great but its hard to enjoy it with the other health issues I've had going on; back pain and vertigo. 

We've been told that Le-vel has teamed up with to donate to Harvey victims. They are Matching Donations, made through them, 2 to 1. If you donate $10, Le-vel will match it with a $20 donation. You will have to create a log-in, but you do not have to sign up for, or purchase anything.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 7

Thrive Le-vel:  Day 7 Review

Thrive Le-vel Review
Left, used patches; Right, new patches

Not sure about you, but I thought, there's nothing in those stupid patches; they're just glorified stickers. I just wanted to show the difference between the new and used patches. I'm showing the side of the patch that sticks to the skin. The left patches are used, and the right, are new. The difference is astonishing, and kinda nasty looking, but it's obvious that there's some active ingredients in the patches.

Started today with my thrive routine of capsules, a shake and fresh patches. Yesterday was full of energy until I had a case of vertigo catch up with me. This is nothing new, and something that I've battled, on and off, for years. It's debilitating and puts a halt to your entire schedule. Hoping it's gone and that I can get everything accomplished today, that I couldn't yesterday.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 6 ~ A Pessimist's Journey

Thrive Le-vel:   Day 6 Review

Thrive Review

Folks, I honestly thought that Thrive products were just a money making scheme, cooked-up by some dishonest people to get rich quick. I envisioned a bunch of men, in suits, throwing powdered leaves into packages and capsules, and getting them out the door as quick as possible. I'm really rethinking that logic. The past few days have had its highs and lows, from the adjusting of the meds to their effects, but I think it was worth the effort. I seem to have it figured out and - I can't believe that I'm about to say this - this stuff is Really Working.

My energy level is up and consistent, as well as, my appetite curbed. It may just be all in my head, but I honestly think that I've dropped some weight, but I dare not weigh, in fear of sabotaging myself. I'm notorious for getting discouraged, and giving up a diet, after stepping off a scale that didn't tell me what I wanted. My goal is to weigh at the end of the 30 days, and not before.

I'm on a regular schedule of starting my day with the Thrive regiment of 2 capsules with water, a shake, and then placing full sized patches. The rest of the day, I do not take or drink anything else with the Thrive name on it. I do drink water throughout the day, otherwise, I feel parched in the evenings. I have been told that I may want to add another shake in the afternoon, but I haven't felt the need. If I notice my appetite increase, or my energy drop, I will consider another shake.

Check back in for updates. Feel free to send my any questions that I haven't answered.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 5

Thrive Le-vel:  Day 5 of Review

Thrive Le-vel Honest Review

Woke up at 5:40 this morning with my back killing me. No surprise there, as I have severe back issues, and I didn't have much down time yesterday. Took muscle relaxer and laid on heat pad until I fell back asleep. Woke up the second time feeling much better, and now, back to my regularly scheduled day.

Normal Thrive Morning Routine:
2 Capsules with water, drank a shake and placed full size patches.

What I've learned so far about Thriving:
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  • The Full size Patch is Too Strong from some to start with.
  • You're probably going to need the Full regiment (pills, shake and full size patches) to get the Full Effect.
  • It Does curb your appetite.
  • It Does give you lots of energy when using as suggested.
  • You Do need to Learn to Pace yourself, if you're out of shape, or you will pay with aches and pains.
  • It will Not effect your Sleep, except possible waking up to urinate if you've drank a lot of water before bed, so stay hydrated throughout the day.
Okay, this pessimist is really buying into this stuff. I've had so much more energy and its allowed me to get a lot accomplished. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 4

Thrive Le-vel 4 Day:

Normal Thrive Routine:  Got up, Took 2 Capsules with water, drank shake, but today I put full sized patches on. Let's see if I can get back to that first day's energy level without the irratibility. 

Yes, there's that energy I was looking for, and I'm so happy to report - No irritability! I must say, it has taken me a few days to figure it out, with my body, but I truly think that its worth the effort.

No crash and no issue falling asleep! I think, by the time I go to bed, I'm just wore out from going all day.

I want to take a moment to ask all who's reading this to remember Texas as Hurricane Harvey is causing devastation there. Please say a prayer for all in its path.
May God bless and protect them.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 3

Thrive Le-vel Day 3 Review:
Here's the real test: a day at the Georgia Aquarium.

Did the morning routine:
Got up, took capsules, drank shake and made coffee. Cut patch in half and placed on arms. I had a hard time getting going but I chalked that up to only getting 6 hours sleep.

Headed out with the hubby for a day in Atlanta. We spent a few hours enjoying the beautiful aquarium, and energy was great, until we ate lunch. 

When we left the aquarium, we went to a wonderful Italian restaurant and that did me in. All the carbs zapped my energy, and I've spent the rest of the afternoon struggling, just to stay awake. I'm going to go back to an entire patch tomorrow and see how it effects me. I'm so disappointed that I haven't been able to reach that same energy level as the first day; it has to be the patch adjustment!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 2

Day 2 of Thrive 30 Day Review:

Thrive Le-vel Patches
Each patch comes from the manufacturer cut in 1/2. I'm 1/2 each half, hence the 1/4 patch, I'm referring to.
Woke up, made up bed, went to bathroom, then took the 2 Capsules with 8 ounces of water. Made chocolate shake with 12 ounces of Almond-Cashew Milk. Trying to ward off the adverse reaction I had yesterday (irritability) I drank half of the shake and put the rest in the fridge. While drinking my coffee, I took off the 1/2 patch from yesterday. I cut 1 of the new patches in half, so I end up with (2) 1/4 patches that I placed on a different place on my body; today.

Sleep last night came quickly and it was only interrupted once from the call of nature. I did get up feeling draggy this morning. I'm not sure if that will get better as days go by; I sure hope so.

I wasn't getting that jolt of energy like I got yesterday, so I went back and finished off the shake. That seems to have helped. But remember, I started out on smaller patches today, so I'm sure that has something to do with it, as well. That's something I may have to adjust again.

Much different experience today:  My energy level is low and I'm wondering what's the difference. I placed the patches on my lower back and I'm thinking that may be part of the problem. May try placing the rest of the patch there to see if that helps.

Applied the rest of the patch and drinking lots of water. Energy has picked up and I can't help but guess that water is going to be a key part of the Thrive regiment. 

Ask me your questions that I haven't covered. I'll do my best to get them answered.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day One

Day 1:  Thrive Routine:

Woke up, made my bed, went to the bathroom, and then to the kitchen.
Before making my morning coffee, I took the 2 Thrive W capsules with 8 oz of water. Because I'm one of those that gets sick from taking meds on an empty stomach, I made a shake. Pouring 1 packet of the Chocolate Lifestyle Mix, and about 10 ounces of Almond-Cashew Milk (Because that's what I prefer) into a pint Mason Jar, I applied the lid, and shook. I set my coffee to brew, while I drank the shake. Surprising, but it actually tasted good, but the small chucks of unmixed powder was getting to me, so I reapplied the mason jar lid and shook a little longer. That did the trick and I finished off the shake.

While sitting down to coffee, I decided where I'd place the DFT Duo patches, then remembered the lotion I had applied to my entire body the night before. I went to get a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a wash cloth and rubbed down the areas I wanted to place the patches. After drying, I applied patches to my left and right shoulders. Done.

Thrive Le-vel Day One of 30 Review
My Fat Freckly Arm

Haven't noticed any fat falling off, and I don't feel like the energizer bunny, yet, but.... 😜

Okay, energizer bunny has begun. Only problem? I've got computer work to do and computer is Not fast enough to keep up with me. No jittery feeling, just energy, so far. Wondering what the crash is going to be like. 

No crash but feeling a bit irritable. Talked with my coach and she advised to cut patches in half for a few days. It's strange but I haven't experienced jitteriness; only energy and irritability. I'm down to 1/4 of a patch and my mood seems to be leveling off, but the energy remains.

It's well into the lunch hour here and I'm not the least bit hungry. Food doesn't even sound appealing. My energy level is still up and the irritability is gone; thank God!

2pm here and I'm finally eating lunch. This is more because of the fear of a sugar crash than I'm hungry. If you've never experienced your sugar level bottom out, count yourself blessed. Not even sure if this would happen, while taking Thrive, but I'm not going to chance it. Usually, if I eat breakfast and don't eat again by 2:00, it happens.

Almost 5pm, energy still up, but extremely thirsty; on my second bottle of water in 30 minutes. Getting a lot accomplished today. 

Still thirsty and drinking lots of water. Also, urinating at least once an hour. At this rate, I should lose a lot of water weight.

Very thrilled to report, no crash! I will say that I'm pleasantly surprised by my first day's experience. I really thought that I would be saying I didn't notice any difference but nothing could be further from the truth. 

What I've learned from today:
  • Take the pills and drink the shake, as soon as I wake up.
  • Cut the patches in half for the first few days.
  • Drink more water throughout the day, whether I'm thirsty or not.
  • Stick close to a bathroom in the evening, because it seems to work as a diuretic.
  • If you want to get your house clean, and don't have the energy, ask a representative for a sample.

Check back, tomorrow for updates on Effects and noticeable Differences. I will also report about how my sleep was effected; if at all.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thrive Le-vel - a Pessimist's 30 day Honest Review

Thrive Le-vel Products

I know many of you have seen some of your friends' Facebook posts, tweets and shares of Thrive and have wondered, "does that stuff really work?" Are they trying to sell me something, or do they really love it? I've had my doubts; even when acquaintances swear by it.

Okay, I'm a natural born pessimist, especially when it comes to MLM. So when someone I love dearly, offered to buy me a month's supply, I tried to talk her out of it. I told her that from my research, it was a waste of money. She wasn't having it - because someone else that she loves - was using it and loved the results. And yes; I have researched it. It boils down to this: reviews state that there's No research that shows that the active ingredients in Thrive does what Le-vel says that they do. With that information, she was not deterred. She insisted that we give it a try.

Alright, I give . . . Buy it for me and I'll give it a try. 
Yes, I'm overweight. 
Yes, I feel tired a lot. 
Yes, I'm in Perimenopause, so that effects my moods.
But this stuff has got to knock my socks clean off before I spend my hard earned $ on it! 

Well, the box arrived today and I will start the regiment tomorrow. I figured this would be a great opportunity to share this 30 day journey with you, the optimists, and all other pessimists; like me. I'm going to follow the instructions, to the letter, and make an honest attempt at this Thrive "miracle cure" for weight loss and energetic living. If you haven't already figured it out, I'm not putting much stock into this working.

My reservations are:
The costs (which yes, the benefits could outweigh the costs; if it works)
It's a MLM (those are notorious for being scams)
The phrase "all natural" is used a lot, which makes me fear things like ephedra; that I have been reassured is Not in Thrive.
EVERYONE that sells it, LOVES it! And everyone that BUYS it, seems to SELL it.
And frankly, I'm tired of all the selfie posts on Facebook, advertising it. Seems everyone is doing it and selling it!
It also makes you think that if so many people are buying it, using it, and selling it, maybe it IS worth a try.

Fair Warning: I'm not one for selfies! I hate having my picture taken! In fact, I hate it so much, I had to take the electrical tape off my phone's inside camera (long story) just to take this picture. So trust me when I say, I'm Only doing this to give this product a Fair and Honest review.

First day of Thrive Picture

Since my face isn't shown, I wanted to wear a shirt that is unusual. I can't grab a picture off the Internet of Jane Doe, in the same shirt, only thinner.. Also, I love that shirt! I hate that I've "outgrown" it. It was my favorite go-to shirt for summer parties; wispy, cool and pretty. I haven't the heart to donate it and give into this frumpy body I've woke up to. I'd love for the magic wand called Thrive to whisk me back into that shirt at the end of 30 days and I'd be Able to Button it Once More! Sorry, got carried away! A bonus would be for that pudgy belly to be flatter, but let's be honest; that's going take more than a pill, a shake and a patch. 

So here goes nothing! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Check back with me for daily updates on my Thrive experience.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hiccup Cure That Works Every Time (No Kidding)

Simple Easy 3 Ingredient Hiccup Cure Recipe

I can't count the times I've gotten the hiccups at the worst possible moment; meeting, speech, bed time. What's worse, if I don't get rid of them, almost immediately, I will continue until I get a splitting headache. Stumbling across this cure, I couldn't believe that something this simple could work, but it does.

How I discovered this cure:
I'm sure many of you have seen the medicinal uses for vinegar and baking soda, all over the Internet. I never would have imagined that the mixture I used to clean clogged drains, and to give them a fresh scent, could help me get rid of my tummy, but I decided to give it a try. The second night I was to try this bed-time mixture, I had the hiccups when I drank it. Immediately, the hiccups went away. 
Coincident? First time, maybe, but after three times, I was convinced enough to share this with others . . . And now, they too are convinced. Try it, next time you have the hiccups. I bet you will use nothing else, after you do.

1, 2, 3 Recipe
1 teaspoon of baking soda
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
3 oz of water

Pour 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda in a cup. Pour 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar over the baking soda. Allow baking soda to grow. When bubbles stop growing, add 3 oz of cool water and drink. Hiccups should stop immediately.

Friday, July 21, 2017

DIY: Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

DIY Crown Royal Bottle Soap Dispenser

Folks this is a simply item that can class up your guest bathroom. Its easy, looks expensive and the best part - its FREE.

An Empty Pint Crown Royal Bottle
A can of Metallic Spray Paint (I used Gold)
A discarded pump from a liquid soap dispenser and its container. (I used Jergens Hand Soap Pump)

Rinse out the Liquor Bottle, soap dispenser and pump with warm water and allow all to dry. Once dry, insert the pump back its original dispenser and screw it back on. Now, spray paint the pump. Paint will spray over old container but that's okay because you will be throwing it out anyways. Its done this way to keep paint off the inside of the pump and to hold it upright while drying. You may need to go over it a 2 or 3 times to get the paint evenly distributed. Allow to dry. Pour your favorite liquid hand soap into the liquor bottle and screw on the painted pump. Its ready for use.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Washer Easy Fix if its Not Filling with Water

Fix for washer not filling with water

Okay, maybe you guys already know this, but we didn't. Its so insanely simple that I had to share in an effort to save others time, money and frustration. Try this, before calling a repairman, if your washer is not filling with water.

We bought a new washer just over a year ago and to my chagrin, it stopped working last week. I was so angry, I was ready to beat the crap of the dang thing with a sledge hammer. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't.

In passing, I mentioned my "dead" washer to my parents and asked for a suggestion for a repairman. My dad asked what was it doing (southern for what was the problem.) When I explained it wouldn't fill with water, my dad laughed. I found it strange that he laughed, but I went on to explain how I double checked that the water hoses were not crimped. I even unplugged it for a while to see if something needed to reset; nada. Nothing I did helped. When I finished my rant, my dad spoke up, "I bet you, I know exactly what's wrong, and its a stupid fix. He chuckled, "take off that water hose and look inside. You will find a small screen. Use tweezers and pull it out. I bet that the screen is full and it won't allow the water into the washer. Run the screen under warm water, clean it up, and replace it. See if that fixes it."

Okay, I'm not one to question my dad's repair advice, but this seemed just too simple. Could a screen, in a fresh water hose, really be full of debris? I had my doubts, but I also had nothing to lose. We had to at least try this crazy, hair brain scheme. Guess what - Dad was Right! When we removed the screen, it was full of what could best be described as mud. I washed up the screen, my husband placed it back in the hose and screwed the hose back on the washer. First load I tried, after the repair, worked like a Champ! In fact, I think the washer is working better than before; if that's possible.

All in all, I learned not to question my dad's advice on repairs, and second, that sometimes the simplest things can cause the biggest problems. Hopefully, your washer issue will be something this easy to fix. Please let us know if this quick fix helped you.

Tip for Cheap & Easy Living: Storing & Reusing plastic shopping bag

Storing  plastic shopping bags in tissue box

Tip for Cheap & Easy Living:
Storing & Reusing plastic shopping bags

We've all done it. You need to drop by the grocery store after work and you forgot your cloth shopping bags at home. If you're like me, you feel guilty sending the discarded plastic bags to the landfill and I never remember to take them back to the store for recycling. Not to mention, they are a bulky mess to store and hold onto. 

My solution?
I reuse them where I would use a garbage bag, a tote, a disposable bag; etc.

Storing Solution:
Storing them can be efficient by doing this one simple and free thing. Save  empty tissue boxes and pack them with plastic bags. It makes a compact and an easy to dispense solution.

Ideas for reuse:
  • Use several bags to line a waste basket, when someone is sick, for easy clean up. After use, simply tie up doubled bags and toss out.
  • When I want to donate several small items to a charity, I take them in these bags. I don't have to worry about keeping up with or asking for my bags back.
  • Keep a tissue box of these in your vehicle They come in handy.
  • Not only can they be used for garbage, but I've even used them as doggie poop bags, when I was out of the real ones. 
  • I've used them for storing a wet swim suit until I got home. 
  • They can be used to carry small purchases from roadside vegetable stands, yard sales, flea markets; etc.
  • When someone is sick and needs a barf bag, double these up and use.
  • Throw a few in your beach bag and use for collecting shells at the beach.

The reuses are endless, and for the best part, they are FREE.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Easy: Turn a Standard Blender into a Bullet Blender

Turn a Standard Blender into a Bullet Blender

If you're like me, you love the concept of a bullet blender, with small individual size cups, but hate the added expense. Those blenders can cost well over a hundred bucks and you still have to buy the special cups. And if you want to make ahead and refrigerate several smoothies, well, you have to buy several of those special cups. This idea serves the same purpose, and quite possibly, won't cost you a dime; if you already own a standard blender and regular mouth, pint Mason jars.  Trust me; once you try this, you will not want to use a blender any other way and clean up is a snap!

How to turn a regular blender into a bullet blender

Simply flip your pitcher over-

Twist off plastic piece that fits into machine.

Pull out blades.

Put blades into an a (regular mouth) pint mason jar.

Twist on plastic ring to hold blades in jar.

When you're ready to blend, fill jar, put in blades and twist on plastic ring. Flip upside down, place in blender and hold jar down with a bit of pressure to keep it from popping out. I haven't experienced this with mine but each blender is different. Pulse a few times to see how it will react and to get use to the amount of pressure you need to hold jar in. Blades do not hit the glass; so no worries about breakage.
Turn an average blender into a bullet blender

I use mine like this everyday, sometimes, several times a day. It's great for making individual smoothies. You don't have to buy special cups or worry about washing up a large pitcher. Clean up is easy. Simply wash blades and plastic ring with soap and water and toss the jar in the dish washer. Easy! Easy! 

Come back and let us know your experience.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Yummy, Heath Bar Chocolate Pie

Heath Bar Pie Recipe
Our family loves Heath Bar Chocolate Cakes but it can be a bit much to make and keep one refrigerated until it's all eaten. Here is a quick, easy and delicious alternate. It has passed the Sunday dinner taste test in our family, so we're certain your family will enjoy it too.


1 - Ready Made Chocolate Pie Crust
1 - 5.9 oz package of Jello Instant Chocolate pudding
1 1/2 cups of cold milk
1 - 8 oz tub of Cool Whip
1 - bag of Heath Bar pieces (with baking chips in grocery store)


Pour dry pudding into a mixing bowl and with an electric mixer, slowing mix in the milk. Continue to mix for about 3 additional minutes. Next, fold into the pudding about half the bag of Heath bar chips, and half the cool whip. Once well blended, spread pudding mixture into the pie crust.  Empty remaining cool whip into a clean bowl and add in remaining chips (reserving a few chips to sprinkle on top of pie) and stir. Spread cool whip mixture over pudding mixture. Sprinkle reserved chip over the top, cover, then refrigerate for 2 hours before serving. Quick, easy and delicious!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Busy Family Dinner Quick Tip

Fill crock pot liner, with food, the night before

When using a crock pot during the busy work week, put all your "dry" ingredients into a slow cooker bag, the night before. 

Start by finding a bowl large enough to hold all your ingredients. Place a crock pot liner in the bowl and fill with your dry ingredients. Tie the bag off, place the bowl with bag in it, into the refrigerator. Next, place "wet" ingredients (cans of broth, soup starters; etc) next to the slow cooker for easy access. The next morning, take bowl out and drop bag into cooker. Untie bag and pour in wet ingredients. Cover and start up crock pot. Makes the morning routine less hectic, dinner easy and cleanup a breeze!

Fill crock pot liner, with food, the night before