Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Prayers and Wishes for all of you

May your Christmas be safe and full of family and friends.
May your New Year be bright and full of answered wishes and dreams.
May you receive the Blessings and Prayers we ask for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at Mint Juleps 'n Muddin'!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanks for Giving Sale Nov 20 thru Dec 1 2017

Please check out our Etsy store for the Thanks for Giving Sale from Nov 20th thru Dec. 1st. We are offering a 20% discount on all orders of $16.99 or more. So if you are newly engaged, or if your wedding is coming up in the next year, now is the time to purchase. This is a rare opportunity to get those special items at a discount.

Also, we have some items that make nice personalized gifts for those on your Christmas list. Our Christmas signs make wonderful hostess gifts. All Glass and Christmas Sign Orders made by December 8 will arrive in time for Christmas. Wedding Signs' delivery times vary. Please check production times under each listing.

Click on the Etsy button from our menu to visit the sale.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

You're My Happily Ever After Personalized Farmhouse Distressed Wedding Anniversary Sign

"You're My Happily Ever After" Personalized Farmhouse Distressed Shabby Chic Painted Solid Wood Wedding Anniversary Sign with Vintage, aged look and hanging options of saw tooth hooks or your choice of ribbons.
This gorgeous sign is the newest item in our Farmhouse Distressed line. We are currently accepting orders for it for 2018 Weddings.

Our Farmhouse distressed Shabby Chic signs are created with a chipping paint technique that gives the board an aged, vintage look. These signs will beckon you back to yesteryear where things were simpler, intimate, and dare I say, romantic. We carefully paint each sign, upon purchase. This sign will include the phrase, "You're My Happily Ever After" and your first names and wedding date. If you prefer, we can use your last Name and Est in front of your wedding date. To complete the look you want, we can place a Black Satin, or Burlap Ribbon, or Saw Tooth hooks to hang it by. Signs will be sealed with a clear lacquer to protect the finish. 

Dimensions are 8" by 18" by 3/4" Natural Wood

All our signs are Handmade & Painted, upon Purchase, in our small shop in Georgia. Each piece of solid wood is hand selected and approved before production begins. Your sign will be an Original, Handcrafted piece.

© Copyright Mint Juleps 'n Muddin' 2013 to Present.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Cute & Free Halloween or Thanksgiving Craft

Soda Bottle Pumpkin
Cute & Free Halloween or Thanksgiving Craft

2 - 2 liter soda bottles
2 - 16 oz green soda bottle
1 - roll of painters tape, masking tape or stickers
1 can of chalkboard spray paint
1 can of orange spray paint
Old newspaper as drop cloth 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Stick out of the yard or a dowel rod 

Rinse and air dry soda bottles. Cut 2 liter bottles 1/3 of the way from bottom of bottle. It's easier to cut them in half, then trim down.

Now, squeeze together the opening of one bottle and insert it into the opening of the other.

Next, using your lighter, char the rough edges of the outer bottle. Don't burn one area too long or it will wilt the plastic.

Layout newspaper to use as a drop cloth and begin painting bottles with chalkboard paint. Once dry, flip over and chalkboard paint the bottom.

While you allow that to dry, begin working on the green soda bottles. Cut out the top 1/3 of one of the bottles and begin cutting around the center to make one long curl.

Using the other green soda bottle, cut out the top 1/3 and use the smooth surface to cut out teardrop shaped leaves. You can use the lighter to wilt areas of the leaves to get the desired shape and look you want.

You can also use the lighter to get tighter curls by charring the inside of the curls.

Use painters tape, masking tape or stickers to put a face on your pumpkin.
Once the paint is dry, attach tape cutouts to the pumpkin.

Now its time to spray with your orange paint. Allow top side to dry and flip over and paint bottom. It will take about two coats to get complete coverage.

When the pumpkin is completely dry, it's time to remove the tape stickers and begin glueing on other pieces.

Cut the curls into 3 pieces and hot glue them on the top. You can use the lighter to char the inside of the curls to tighten them up a bit.

Next, break about a 2 inch section off the stick you collected from the yard and hot glue it on the top, center.

Now it's time to attach your leaves. 

It's ready to display with your Halloween decor.
Soda Bottle Pumpkin

It could also be made without the face for Thanksgiving decorations.
Soda Bottle Pumpkin

Or paint it red to use as an apple. You can also use different size bottles to make several shapes and sizes. 

Class Craft:  Teachers would want to do all the cutting and chalkboard painting of bottles and have students place stickers and brush paint their pumpkins. They could collect leaves, sticks and vines to decorate pumpkins. I would suggest a sticky glue to attach those to pumpkins.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review / 8 Week Challenge: Day 60 ~ The Results

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review / 8 Week Challenge: Day 60 ~ The Results

Just a reminder to those that may have missed my blog post:  My husband is no longer a part of this experiment due to a New medication that his doctor prescribed. Due to certain side effects of this medication, he could no longer participate.

Things I was Experiencing Prior to Thrive use:
Perimenopausal mood swings, extreme responses to mundane situations, lack of energy, and weight gain.
Mobility challenged with muscle loss, depression, and weight gain
Carb and chocolate cravings.

Benefits that I've experienced after 60 days of using Thrive:
More & Sustained Energy
Low to No chocolate or carb cravings; but I have noticed an increase of cravings from the first 30 days.
Mood & Emotions leveled and appropriate for the situation
Drinking more water
Clothes are looser and tummy is smaller; about the same as the first 30 days
Appetite control has dropped off from the first 30 days.

I took my measurements and weight at the end of the first 30 days of this challenge. All measurements are the same and have not changed. My weight loss? 0

A breakdown of what's promised of the products and my results:
Weight Management:
As a weight management, I'm not impressed. Others I know have lost weight, but they are younger, healthier and more active.

Mental Acuity:
I've seen No improvement in my ability to concentrate on tasks at hand. I still have what I call 
"MAD - Menopause Attention Deficit."

Appetite Management:
The appetite suppressant was very notable during the first 30 days, however, it dropped off the second 30 days.

Supports Energy and Circulation:
Yes, I've had More and Sustained Energy throughout the day and evening.

Healthy Joint Functions:
I haven't been experiencing the knee pain that I was previously, so I think that it has helped. 

Calms General Discomfort:
I believe that it does, but I'm really not a good judge on this due to my health issues.

Digestive and Immune Support:
Well, I haven't gotten that nasty virus that everyone seems to be passing around, so I believe it helps.

Lean Muscle Support:
As I've stated before, I don't work out, so I can't be a reliable judge on this. However, I have noticed that my thighs do look healthier. 

Mood & Emotion Stabilizer:
Yes; not only have I, but my husband has noticed a difference in my moods. My emotions are calmer and my reactions are more appropriate for the situation.

I will continue my Thrive regiment beyond this experiment. Though I'm disappointed I haven't lost weight, I feel the other benefits make it worth sticking with.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 54

Thrive Le-vel Review Day 54

Well, I'm nearly to the end of my 8 week Thrive challenge, and I've got mixed reviews. Be sure to join me on the 22nd for my entire assessment.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 49

Thrive Le-vel Review
Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 49

I'm still Thriving! I must note that my sleep routine has been drastically altered. What I thought were just flukes of early rising have become my new norm. In the first 30 days of taking Thrive, I was waking after 6 hours sleep, now I'm down to 5 hours a night. I'm not sure; this maybe a "normal" experience, but it was definitely unexpected by me. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 42

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 42

I'm still at it; still doing my Thrive routine. Unfortunately, I can not say the same of my husband. He has been put on a new medication, per doctor's orders, and I fear that his results would be tainted. With that being said, he is still drinking the shake each morning, as a meal replacement. However, I will no longer include his experience, as he is not doing a full Thrive regiment. Its a bit disappointing, but it can't be helped.

Praying for Las Vegas, the Victims, the Families and our Country.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Yellowing Nails Cure ~ Its probably in your medicine cabinet already

Yellowing Nails Cure with VapoRub

Did you know that yellowing Toe Nails is caused by a fungus? No worries! You can easy cure it in as little as 2 weeks. Simply rub VapoRub on clean, dry nails. Using a cotton swab, rub the medicine on your nails and cuticles, paying special attention to under the nail. Do this everyday for two weeks and it will clear up the fungus. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 39

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 39

Good Morning!
I wanted to share something I've noticed about my Thrive experience and see if its just me. The two times that I've had high carb meals, while taking Thrive, I've seen a severe drop in energy. Its so bad that it concerned me of my sugar levels. Though my A1C has been fine for years now, I did have gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and the feeling is not exactly like that. I don't get that "sugar high," I just feel exhausted and sleepy. I'm not sure if this is Thrive associated, or just my changing body, but it Does make me want to ward off carbs.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Simple Way to Wash Brushes & Combs

Washing Brushes & Combs in the washing machine

Simple Way to Wash Brushes & Combs  
Did you know that you can throw your combs and brushes in the washing machine to clean? Clean any hair from items, and toss into the washer with whites, and wash as normal. Make sure to pull them out before transferring the whites to the dryer, though. 

Easy way to keep them fresh and prevent the nasties from building up.

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 37

Thrive Le-vel Review
Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 37

I'm noticing some differences in my legs and their tone. Its a promising change for someone who has mobility issues. Before, the back of my thighs had began to look like the saggy skin under an older person's arm; that's the best way I can describe it. Now, they are fuller; not perfect, but fuller. What a blessing it would be if I could get my muscle tone back, because I've often wondered what the future held for me, with all the lower body muscle loss.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Simple and Cheap Method of Chalk Painting Mason Jars

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Simple and Cheap Method of Chalk Painting Mason Jars

You don't have to spend big money to get that chalk painted look on your mason jars. Its simple and inexpensive to use this method. You know me, I'm all about finding ways to get a look without breaking the bank and to get it done in fewer steps.

Mason Jars of your choice
Spray Chalkboard Paint
Bottle of Cheap Flat Acrylic Paint
Sponge Paint Brush
Vinyl Letters or Designs (optional)
Newspaper to serve as a drop-cloth
Disposable cup
Matt clear coat
Fine grit sand paper 220 or higher.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

This is a project that you will want to do outside. Start by laying out newspaper on a table or flat surface. Next, sit your jars upside down on the paper. Shake your can of Chalkboard paint, well. About 1 to 2 feet from jars, begin to spray your jars; moving constantly to get an even coverage. This paint dries quickly, but it will run if you spray it too close, or in one spot too long. Once you finish with this coat of paint, allow to dry, and spray again.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

When you feel you have the jars evenly covered, allow to dry before flip them over, and paint the tops and rims with the Chalkboard paint. 

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Allow to dry, then you can place on your vinyl letters or designs.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Next, prepare your Flat acrylic paint by pouring paint into a disposable cup, adding water, and stir until you reach the consistency of milk.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Turn jars upside down on the paper for painting. Dip your brush in the paint and begin to lightly spread the acrylic paint. You can expect it to pour down the sides as this is a very loose paint. Cover bottom and sides and allow to dry. Reapply coats of acrylic paint until surface is well coated; there will still be a few black streaks showing through.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Flip jars over and paint rims and sides with acrylic paint. Allow to dry and reapply until jar is evenly covered and little to no black shows through.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Now, you're ready to peel away the vinyl letters. Do this carefully as the acrylic paint scratches easily. I would suggest, having some of the acrylic paint on hand to do touch ups, if you accidentally scratch the surface. If you have any paint bleed under your stickers, you can use black paint to touch up the letters or designs.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

It's time to Sand the raised embossing. Use a high grit paper like 220.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint
Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Now, I'm making these to sell at our church yard sale. Since I'm making the jars for someone else, I sprayed these with a Matt clear coat. This will help to keep the paint from peeling, chipping or fading. This step is totally up to you, but this paint will scratch easily.

Once dry, top jars with a band to give it some depth. They're ready for use.

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Chalk Painting Mason Jars with Spray Chalkboard Paint

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 36

Thrive Le-vel Review
A little something that I was working on for the Church Yard Sale this weekend.
Thanks to Infinitely Elegant Designs for the pumpkins.

Thrive Le-vel Day 36 Review:

I had a busy day yesterday, and an even busier, evening. My energy level was great throughout, until I sat down, last night. When I decided to unwind before bed, it hit me, and I was suddenly exhausted. I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow. Today promises to be just as busy, but I plan on pacing myself, as I woke this morning with achiness.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Easy Removal of Blood Stains From Whites

Peroxide for blood stains
Easy Removal of Blood Stains From Whites

Laundry Tip:
Did you know that peroxide takes blood stains out of whites? I figured with so many with children playing football, this might come in handy. This is a tip that I was given when my son was in Karate and had a blood stain on his white uniform. I kept a bottle in our go bag, when he was competing, and as soon as he pulled off his uniform, I'd pour it on stains.

It works wonderfully, if you haven't washed the items before. It doesn't work that great on set in blood stains that have been previously washed and dried. Don't allow the peroxide to get on colors because it will fade them. But, on a fresh blood stain, it will "boil" the stain out like it does on a cut. Be sure to rinse out, soon after application, and wash with alike colors.

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 35 ~ Quick Tip

Thrive Le-vel Review

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 35 ~ Quick Tip

Thrive Tip:
We're still on our Thrive journey. After sharing that we took Thrive on vacation, some have asked about how we made our shakes in a hotel room. We took bottled water with us and kept it cold. Each morning, we drank some water out of a bottle to take our pills, and then carefully, poured a shake mix into the same bottle and shook. I wouldn't suggest the chocolate shake made of water but the vanilla is great.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 34 ~ Canning Candied Pears with Recipe

How to Can Candied Pears with Recipe

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 34 ~ Canning Candied Pears with Recipe

I often don't have the energy, the knowledge or the ability to do the things that my parents and grandparents use to do. They planted, tended, harvested and canned their own fruits and vegetables. Many of those old "how to's" and recipes have been lost to time, due to a lack of written instructions, or in my grandmother's case - dementia. Those things that she had memorized and did repeatedly, are gone. All that remains are the recipes and "know how" that were passed to my parents. My goal is to share all that they pass to me with the world, in an effort that they not be forgotten, or lost forever.

Here's one of those Recipes and How To's - with my little modern day twist - that I had the energy to do, thanks to Thrive.

Canning Candied Pears
Prepare 5 Quart Jars, 5 Lids and 5 Bands; I prefer wide mouth jars for this because they are easier to pack. My twist - I prepare my jars, lids and bands in the dishwasher by running them through an entire wash cycle and using them after the completion of the hot rinse cycle. Make sure you set the dishwasher on the hot dry setting, so that the last jar you fill will be just as warm as the first.  This takes a little planning, but I usually start with the dishwasher, then begin preparing my fruit, so by the time I need the jars, they are in the drying phase or close.
Large Pot for Boiling Candies
Large Pot for Boiling Jars or a Pressure Cooker
2 Oven Mitts, Jar Tongs, or Something for handling hot jars

12 - 15 Large Pears; peeled, cored, and sliced
2 - 9 oz bags of Cinnamon Imperials
1 1/2 cups of White Vinegar
2 cups of Granulated Sugar
4 cups of Water

In a large pot, pour in the water and vinegar, allow to heat on high for 5 minutes. Next, pour in the sugar and stir until dissolved. Now, pour in the Cinnamon Candies, and stir constantly, until they have dissolved. Once all ingredients are dissolved, and mixed well, remove from heat.

Using a towel, oven mitts, or jar tongs, pull your hot jars from the dishwasher, or water bath. Tightly, pack Pear Slices into hot quart jars. Be sure to leave about 1/2" from the top of the jars vacant; you don't want to pack the jars to the top.

Next, place one packed jar in your empty sink and pour candy mixture over the pears. Fill jars to about 1/4" from the top, with the candy mixture. With a wet dish cloth, or wet paper towel, wipe off rim and band of jar, then place lid on top. Screw on band, but  Not  as tight as you can. Finish filling all jars, and using oven mitts, jar tongs, or a dish towel to pick up, place hot jars in large pot or pressure cooker. I used a pot.

In the pot, with your jars of pears, you will need to add water up to just over half way. Allow pot, with jars inside, to heat to a rolling boil. Boil jars for 15 to 20 minutes. Turn off heat and allow to cool. Its best to leave the pot, with the jars inside, to cool for about 2 hours before moving. Within that time, the water and jars will cool, and in most cases, the lids will seal. If, after the jars have completely cooled, you have any lids that still haven't sealed, they aren't going to, and you will need to refrigerate the jars to keep its contents from spoiling.

Tighten the bands, date the top of lids, and store with your other canned goods. These are excellent for the upcoming holidays. Use as you would Spiced Apples or as a dessert item.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 33

Thrive Le-vel Review

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 33

After a fun weekend away, we're back, and have a renewed sense of purpose. We took our Thrive with us, on our little get away, and it kept our energy up throughout the fun packed days. I've even noticed that I'm drinking less coffee in the mornings to get going; what a plus.

Check back in for our daily experiences with the products.

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 32 ~ Vacationing with Thrive

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review: Day 32 ~ Vacationing with Thrive

Maria has the seas churned up today on Jekyll. Wouldn't want to go into that water but it sure makes for beautiful pictures. 

Debris that still litters the roadside of Brunswick after Irma's impact on the Georgia coast.

For the most part St. Simons is back to business as usual.

St. Simon's Beaches are beautiful with very little debris.

This weekend, I've enjoyed the energy that Thrive has given me to explore the places we love.