Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tip for Cheap & Easy Living: Storing & Reusing plastic shopping bag

Storing  plastic shopping bags in tissue box

Tip for Cheap & Easy Living:
Storing & Reusing plastic shopping bags

We've all done it. You need to drop by the grocery store after work and you forgot your cloth shopping bags at home. If you're like me, you feel guilty sending the discarded plastic bags to the landfill and I never remember to take them back to the store for recycling. Not to mention, they are a bulky mess to store and hold onto. 

My solution?
I reuse them where I would use a garbage bag, a tote, a disposable bag; etc.

Storing Solution:
Storing them can be efficient by doing this one simple and free thing. Save  empty tissue boxes and pack them with plastic bags. It makes a compact and an easy to dispense solution.

Ideas for reuse:
  • Use several bags to line a waste basket, when someone is sick, for easy clean up. After use, simply tie up doubled bags and toss out.
  • When I want to donate several small items to a charity, I take them in these bags. I don't have to worry about keeping up with or asking for my bags back.
  • Keep a tissue box of these in your vehicle They come in handy.
  • Not only can they be used for garbage, but I've even used them as doggie poop bags, when I was out of the real ones. 
  • I've used them for storing a wet swim suit until I got home. 
  • They can be used to carry small purchases from roadside vegetable stands, yard sales, flea markets; etc.
  • When someone is sick and needs a barf bag, double these up and use.
  • Throw a few in your beach bag and use for collecting shells at the beach.

The reuses are endless, and for the best part, they are FREE.

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