Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Washer Easy Fix if its Not Filling with Water

Fix for washer not filling with water

Okay, maybe you guys already know this, but we didn't. Its so insanely simple that I had to share in an effort to save others time, money and frustration. Try this, before calling a repairman, if your washer is not filling with water.

We bought a new washer just over a year ago and to my chagrin, it stopped working last week. I was so angry, I was ready to beat the crap of the dang thing with a sledge hammer. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't.

In passing, I mentioned my "dead" washer to my parents and asked for a suggestion for a repairman. My dad asked what was it doing (southern for what was the problem.) When I explained it wouldn't fill with water, my dad laughed. I found it strange that he laughed, but I went on to explain how I double checked that the water hoses were not crimped. I even unplugged it for a while to see if something needed to reset; nada. Nothing I did helped. When I finished my rant, my dad spoke up, "I bet you, I know exactly what's wrong, and its a stupid fix. He chuckled, "take off that water hose and look inside. You will find a small screen. Use tweezers and pull it out. I bet that the screen is full and it won't allow the water into the washer. Run the screen under warm water, clean it up, and replace it. See if that fixes it."

Okay, I'm not one to question my dad's repair advice, but this seemed just too simple. Could a screen, in a fresh water hose, really be full of debris? I had my doubts, but I also had nothing to lose. We had to at least try this crazy, hair brain scheme. Guess what - Dad was Right! When we removed the screen, it was full of what could best be described as mud. I washed up the screen, my husband placed it back in the hose and screwed the hose back on the washer. First load I tried, after the repair, worked like a Champ! In fact, I think the washer is working better than before; if that's possible.

All in all, I learned not to question my dad's advice on repairs, and second, that sometimes the simplest things can cause the biggest problems. Hopefully, your washer issue will be something this easy to fix. Please let us know if this quick fix helped you.

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