Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thrive Le-vel - a Pessimist's 30 day Honest Review

Thrive Le-vel Products

I know many of you have seen some of your friends' Facebook posts, tweets and shares of Thrive and have wondered, "does that stuff really work?" Are they trying to sell me something, or do they really love it? I've had my doubts; even when acquaintances swear by it.

Okay, I'm a natural born pessimist, especially when it comes to MLM. So when someone I love dearly, offered to buy me a month's supply, I tried to talk her out of it. I told her that from my research, it was a waste of money. She wasn't having it - because someone else that she loves - was using it and loved the results. And yes; I have researched it. It boils down to this: reviews state that there's No research that shows that the active ingredients in Thrive does what Le-vel says that they do. With that information, she was not deterred. She insisted that we give it a try.

Alright, I give . . . Buy it for me and I'll give it a try. 
Yes, I'm overweight. 
Yes, I feel tired a lot. 
Yes, I'm in Perimenopause, so that effects my moods.
But this stuff has got to knock my socks clean off before I spend my hard earned $ on it! 

Well, the box arrived today and I will start the regiment tomorrow. I figured this would be a great opportunity to share this 30 day journey with you, the optimists, and all other pessimists; like me. I'm going to follow the instructions, to the letter, and make an honest attempt at this Thrive "miracle cure" for weight loss and energetic living. If you haven't already figured it out, I'm not putting much stock into this working.

My reservations are:
The costs (which yes, the benefits could outweigh the costs; if it works)
It's a MLM (those are notorious for being scams)
The phrase "all natural" is used a lot, which makes me fear things like ephedra; that I have been reassured is Not in Thrive.
EVERYONE that sells it, LOVES it! And everyone that BUYS it, seems to SELL it.
And frankly, I'm tired of all the selfie posts on Facebook, advertising it. Seems everyone is doing it and selling it!
It also makes you think that if so many people are buying it, using it, and selling it, maybe it IS worth a try.

Fair Warning: I'm not one for selfies! I hate having my picture taken! In fact, I hate it so much, I had to take the electrical tape off my phone's inside camera (long story) just to take this picture. So trust me when I say, I'm Only doing this to give this product a Fair and Honest review.

First day of Thrive Picture

Since my face isn't shown, I wanted to wear a shirt that is unusual. I can't grab a picture off the Internet of Jane Doe, in the same shirt, only thinner.. Also, I love that shirt! I hate that I've "outgrown" it. It was my favorite go-to shirt for summer parties; wispy, cool and pretty. I haven't the heart to donate it and give into this frumpy body I've woke up to. I'd love for the magic wand called Thrive to whisk me back into that shirt at the end of 30 days and I'd be Able to Button it Once More! Sorry, got carried away! A bonus would be for that pudgy belly to be flatter, but let's be honest; that's going take more than a pill, a shake and a patch. 

So here goes nothing! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Check back with me for daily updates on my Thrive experience.

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