Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Easy Removal of Blood Stains From Whites

Peroxide for blood stains
Easy Removal of Blood Stains From Whites

Laundry Tip:
Did you know that peroxide takes blood stains out of whites? I figured with so many with children playing football, this might come in handy. This is a tip that I was given when my son was in Karate and had a blood stain on his white uniform. I kept a bottle in our go bag, when he was competing, and as soon as he pulled off his uniform, I'd pour it on stains.

It works wonderfully, if you haven't washed the items before. It doesn't work that great on set in blood stains that have been previously washed and dried. Don't allow the peroxide to get on colors because it will fade them. But, on a fresh blood stain, it will "boil" the stain out like it does on a cut. Be sure to rinse out, soon after application, and wash with alike colors.

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