Sunday, September 17, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 25 ~ A Valuable Lesson

Thrive Le-vel Review
The other brand of Shake I used. The taste is okay but the texture is gross.

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 25 ~ A Valuable Lesson

Well, yesterday, I ran another Thrive experiment, only this one, I didn't intend to. I allowed myself to run out of Thrive shakes. With my husband and I both taking Thrive, and the shakes coming in an odd amount, I completely overlooked that we were both extremely low.

I ordered more shakes Friday, but until they come in, I wouldn't have any, and my husband would have a supply thru Monday. To be honest, I didn't really worry about it because I have other meal replacement shakes I had bought previous to starting Thrive. I figured, I could use those until the Thrive shakes came in. A diet shake is a diet shake; really, how different can they be?

First, if you gag when you are trying to drink the shake, its not a good sign. Next, I kid you not, I noticed a drop in my energy level. About mid-day, I was feeling tired and wondered why, then I remembered my shake substitute. Last night, my old carb cravings hit, and it dawned on me, I haven't been having them while taking Thrive; I hadn't even noticed.

So, I guess I learned a few beneficial things from running out of the Thrive shakes.
1) Not every diet shake is created equal.
2) The Thrive shake is Not just a meal replacement.
3) It does help with energy, as well as, aid in curbing the appetite.
4) It helps to suppress certain food cravings.

Let me make this clear: The experiences that I share are Not what someone is telling is happening; because of A, B happened. These are my own observations. I have had limited contact with the Thrive consultant, who serves as my coach. This, I did purposefully, so I can share my Own thoughts and experiences. I didn't want someone who is already sold on a product, telling me what I was experiencing. I wanted to figure that out on my own.

In conclusion, it appears that every element of the Thrive regiment is a crucial part of a whole. In order to get the best possible results, you must use the 3 products, as suggested, to achieve your energy and weight loss goals.

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