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Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 30 ~ The Reveal

Thrive Le-vel  Review
Left- Before                                     Right- After
I can Button my favorite shirt & my tummy is Smaller!

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 30 ~ The Reveal

First, I'd like to thank everyone that has joined me on this journey. I've had my bumps in the road, but overall, the experience has been a positive one. Anyone that has followed me from day one, knows I started this research as a skeptic. I absolutely did not believe the product did what everyone claimed. I admit it, I was wrong. Woo; I said it.

With that being said, I've been told I expected more results in 30 days than what is claimed by the company. One visit to their website, and its clear, they suggest an 8 week experience in order to reach optimum results. My husband and I agree, it would be discredit to stop our Thrive research after a 30 day review when its suggested to give it 60 days. We feel the research would be incomplete and that the only course is to continue our "experiment" for another 30 days. So our 30 day review is about to become a 60 day review.

When I started this experiment, I honestly didn't expect, on day 30, to tell you that its worth trying, much less that I was going to buy the stuff myself and keep taking it,  even longer. I've definitely come a long way from I'll Never buy the products to actually buying them, willingly. I fully expected to be telling you not to waste your money, but I can't; not in good conscience.

Now for what everyone has been waiting for, the results:
My husband is down a pant size and I can get into a pant size smaller, but its still not comfortable to do so. I've noticed the difference on both our faces, as far as the decreasing of the double chins and cheeks that are smaller. The weight loss amount? 0, zero, dada, nothing, zilch. No kidding; Neither of us lost any weight and we were shocked. We couldn't understand how we are experiencing these changes, but no weight loss. Our doctor explained that its a possibility that we are exchanging fat for muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. That gave me little comfort.

Honestly, I left the doctor's office discouraged. I couldn't understand the baggy clothes but no weight loss. We were advised to stick with Thrive, and give it a little longer, before giving up. If I set the lack of weight loss aside, I realize, I've received other benefits from using Thrive that I didn't expect.

Prior to Thrive use:
As a perimenopausal woman, I've had mood issues, extreme responses to mundane situations, lack of energy, and weight gain.
As a mobility challenged person, I've had muscle loss, depression, and weight gain.
As a female, I normally have carb and chocolate cravings.

Benefits that I've experienced after 30 days of using Thrive:
More & Sustained Energy
Low to No carb cravings
Felt fuller, faster
Mood & Emotions leveled;  appropriate for the situation
Drinking more water
Clothes are looser
Tummy is smaller

60 day Goals from using Thrive:
Continue those above, along with:
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Healthier, Energetic Life-style

Life Lessons I've learned from this journey:
Don't be quick to judge. I "assumed" that Le-vel was a get-rich-quick scheme because its an MLM. After more research into the company itself (not their products) they seem to be trying to re-invent the Wheel. They have taken an old business model, reworked it, expanded on it, and have built - excuse the pun - a Thriving business. One look at their "rules" and it becomes abundantly clear - they want honesty from those representing their products and company. They plainly express that they will not tolerate misleading customers, false or grandiose claims of results, misuse of information, misrepresentation of the products or company, stealing customers from other representatives, and more. With such strict guidelines, you have to admire their effort to create and keep, a good reputation.

Just because someone wants to share their experience with you, doesn't mean they want to "sell" you something. Sometimes, they are excited about what they have found and want others to know in case they could use it too. Case in point - the magic eraser that I tell everyone about and what they will do to make their life easier. I've never gotten money for doing that and I don't sell them, but I love those dumb things. Oh, and the blue Dawn dish detergent...going down a rabbit hole there.

Sometimes the benefits Do outweigh the expense! This company offers ways to off-set the cost of their products, which could help those on a budget.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Just because you look like you've lost weight doesn't mean that you have. But, I'm expecting more than weight loss. I'm expecting a gain of muscle, and with my mobility issues, its just as important as the weight loss.

We'll be starting this next 30 days by taking measurements of our waists, hips, thighs, and arms. I'm also going to photograph those areas, for us to use as before and after, for ourselves. I'm not sure what, if any of those, I'll share here, because let's face it; no one wants to see my droopy fat.

If you are liking my results, and would like to give Thrive a try, send me a message @  I'll send you my resources. Maybe we can share this journey.

Continue to follow us on our Thrive experience. Our 30 day review is now a 60 day review!
Feel free to comment below or shoot me a message.

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