Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thrive Le-vel Halfway of a 30 Day Review: Day 15 ~ The Secret

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 15 ~ Halfway & I Share the Secret

Thrive Le-vel Review

I told you guys, a few days ago, that I had a secret I'd been keeping from you. The hint I gave was, think "controlled experiment."

In my research of Thrive, one thing that became apparent to me was people who normally didn't drink water, began to, once they started Thrive. The pessimist in me said, "its the water. The increase in water intake, and the dropping of unhealthy drinks is what's causing these people to lose weight." With this in mind, I thought, "I wonder how it works for individuals who already drink nothing but water."

Another thing became apparent, in my Thrive research, was people who normally didn't eat breakfast, was drinking a shake in the morning. I couldn't help but wonder if the introduction of a "breakfast" was helping with the curbing of the appetite and assisting in weight loss. In scientific research, in order to get true readings during an experiment, you need a "control subject;" hence the placebo in blind medical research. If I was going to do this right, I needed individuals to join my tiny research group, who were either water drinkers, or breakfast eaters, to serve as "control subjects."

Well, it just so happens that my husband is one of those people that drinks nothing but water, and eats breakfast every morning. The light bulb went off and with a little nudging, he agreed to do a month of Thrive with me. The loved one who bought my month's supply of Thrive, also bought his. He started the Men's Thrive routine, the day I started the Women's. For the past 15 days, he has been serving as my "control subject."

To be painfully honest, I had no intentions of sharing this information, until the end of the 30 days. If I lost weight, I had planned to say, I lost weight because of the increased water intake and an introduction of breakfast. As proof of what made the difference, I was going to use my husband's Thrive experience as an example. He, who already drank nothing but water, and ate breakfast every morning, prior to using Thrive, had not lost weight. Well, just by looking at him, nothing could be further from the truth. His weight loss is obvious to me. No one is more surprised about this than me; the pessimist; the skeptic.

My husband's 15th day assessment:  He hasn't noticed a difference in his energy level but has noticed a curb to his appetite. The full feeling that happens mid-way through a meal is also something he's experiencing. His pants are looser and he's noticed a difference is his stomach size. He has done absolutely nothing different, other than the Thrive morning routine.

We are both going to weigh in, on the same day, and reveal those results to you here. It will be the end of the 30 day review. If looks are any kind of judge, my husband is probably going to have lost more weight than me; jealous.

To be clear: I am Not a PhD or MD and make no claim to be either. I'm just a person who is very thorough, and believes that if its worth doing, its worth doing right. This is my honest assessment of the study I am conducting. My research is for personal use and not to serve as scientific research purposes.

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