Friday, October 27, 2017

Cute & Free Halloween or Thanksgiving Craft

Soda Bottle Pumpkin
Cute & Free Halloween or Thanksgiving Craft

2 - 2 liter soda bottles
2 - 16 oz green soda bottle
1 - roll of painters tape, masking tape or stickers
1 can of chalkboard spray paint
1 can of orange spray paint
Old newspaper as drop cloth 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Stick out of the yard or a dowel rod 

Rinse and air dry soda bottles. Cut 2 liter bottles 1/3 of the way from bottom of bottle. It's easier to cut them in half, then trim down.

Now, squeeze together the opening of one bottle and insert it into the opening of the other.

Next, using your lighter, char the rough edges of the outer bottle. Don't burn one area too long or it will wilt the plastic.

Layout newspaper to use as a drop cloth and begin painting bottles with chalkboard paint. Once dry, flip over and chalkboard paint the bottom.

While you allow that to dry, begin working on the green soda bottles. Cut out the top 1/3 of one of the bottles and begin cutting around the center to make one long curl.

Using the other green soda bottle, cut out the top 1/3 and use the smooth surface to cut out teardrop shaped leaves. You can use the lighter to wilt areas of the leaves to get the desired shape and look you want.

You can also use the lighter to get tighter curls by charring the inside of the curls.

Use painters tape, masking tape or stickers to put a face on your pumpkin.
Once the paint is dry, attach tape cutouts to the pumpkin.

Now its time to spray with your orange paint. Allow top side to dry and flip over and paint bottom. It will take about two coats to get complete coverage.

When the pumpkin is completely dry, it's time to remove the tape stickers and begin glueing on other pieces.

Cut the curls into 3 pieces and hot glue them on the top. You can use the lighter to char the inside of the curls to tighten them up a bit.

Next, break about a 2 inch section off the stick you collected from the yard and hot glue it on the top, center.

Now it's time to attach your leaves. 

It's ready to display with your Halloween decor.
Soda Bottle Pumpkin

It could also be made without the face for Thanksgiving decorations.
Soda Bottle Pumpkin

Or paint it red to use as an apple. You can also use different size bottles to make several shapes and sizes. 

Class Craft:  Teachers would want to do all the cutting and chalkboard painting of bottles and have students place stickers and brush paint their pumpkins. They could collect leaves, sticks and vines to decorate pumpkins. I would suggest a sticky glue to attach those to pumpkins.

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