Friday, October 20, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review / 8 Week Challenge: Day 60 ~ The Results

Thrive Le-vel 60 Day Review / 8 Week Challenge: Day 60 ~ The Results

Just a reminder to those that may have missed my blog post:  My husband is no longer a part of this experiment due to a New medication that his doctor prescribed. Due to certain side effects of this medication, he could no longer participate.

Things I was Experiencing Prior to Thrive use:
Perimenopausal mood swings, extreme responses to mundane situations, lack of energy, and weight gain.
Mobility challenged with muscle loss, depression, and weight gain
Carb and chocolate cravings.

Benefits that I've experienced after 60 days of using Thrive:
More & Sustained Energy
Low to No chocolate or carb cravings; but I have noticed an increase of cravings from the first 30 days.
Mood & Emotions leveled and appropriate for the situation
Drinking more water
Clothes are looser and tummy is smaller; about the same as the first 30 days
Appetite control has dropped off from the first 30 days.

I took my measurements and weight at the end of the first 30 days of this challenge. All measurements are the same and have not changed. My weight loss? 0

A breakdown of what's promised of the products and my results:
Weight Management:
As a weight management, I'm not impressed. Others I know have lost weight, but they are younger, healthier and more active.

Mental Acuity:
I've seen No improvement in my ability to concentrate on tasks at hand. I still have what I call 
"MAD - Menopause Attention Deficit."

Appetite Management:
The appetite suppressant was very notable during the first 30 days, however, it dropped off the second 30 days.

Supports Energy and Circulation:
Yes, I've had More and Sustained Energy throughout the day and evening.

Healthy Joint Functions:
I haven't been experiencing the knee pain that I was previously, so I think that it has helped. 

Calms General Discomfort:
I believe that it does, but I'm really not a good judge on this due to my health issues.

Digestive and Immune Support:
Well, I haven't gotten that nasty virus that everyone seems to be passing around, so I believe it helps.

Lean Muscle Support:
As I've stated before, I don't work out, so I can't be a reliable judge on this. However, I have noticed that my thighs do look healthier. 

Mood & Emotion Stabilizer:
Yes; not only have I, but my husband has noticed a difference in my moods. My emotions are calmer and my reactions are more appropriate for the situation.

I will continue my Thrive regiment beyond this experiment. Though I'm disappointed I haven't lost weight, I feel the other benefits make it worth sticking with.

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