Thursday, January 25, 2018

Easily Make a Tiki Torch From a Wine or Liquor Bottle

Tiki Torch wine bottle instructions
Hand held cordless drill
3/8" Drill Bit

Items Needed:
Empty Wine or Liquor Bottle with lid
1/2" Diameter Torch Wick
3/8" Fine Thread Flare Nut (you get these in the gas hardware of your home improvement store)


On a hard surface, that you don't care if it gets damaged, lay your bottle lid upside down. Find the center of the lid and drill a hole through it. Next, measure your wick from the bottom of your bottle to about 1 1/2" above the top and cut. Thread wick through the lid and then, insert the bottom of the wick into the bottle. Tighten the lid, then thread the Flare, larger end down, onto the wick. The flare should rest on the bottle lid. Its now ready to decorate and then, fill with torch fluid.

wine bottle tiki torch instructions

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