Friday, January 19, 2018

Inexpensive Shower and Tub Cleaner That Really Works - about $1.40 for a 32 oz bottle

Shower and Tub Cleaner recipe about $1.40 for a 32 oz bottle

You can make a large bottle of this cleaner, and use straight out of the cabinet, but I've found that it works like magic when its warm. For this reason, I choose to make small batches each time I clean. Its simple, and no real thought has to go into it, if you have the measurement on the side of the bottle.


For 32 oz bottle:
4 oz. Blue Dawn Dish Detergent
This too can be purchase in many places but I purchased a 56 oz bottle at Walmart for $3.74. That's about .07 cents an ounce.
28 oz. White Vinegar
At Walmart you can get a gallon of White Vinegar for $2.66. That's about .04 cents an ounce.
1 Tbls of Salt
If you have hard water, you will want to add a Tablespoon of table salt to this recipe.

For 8 oz bottle:
1 oz of Blue Dawn Dish Detergent
7 oz of White Vinegar
About a 3/4 of Teaspoon of Table Salt (if you have hard water)

Spray bottle with ounce measurements on the side
Microwave safe bowl

For an 8 oz bottle of cleaner, start by pouring 1 oz of your dawn dish detergent into your measuring bottle. Next add vinegar to the bottle until you reach the 8 oz mark. Then add salt, if needed. Close tightly and shake bottle. Once all is mixed well, pour contents into a microwave safe bowl, and warm in 30 second increments. Continue microwaving until liquid is warm to the touch. If its too hot, it may melt or warp your spray bottle, but you want it warm, not hot, to the touch. Pour liquid into spray bottle and use as you would any sink, tub, or shower cleaner.

Shower and Tub Cleaner recipe  about $1.40 for a 32 oz bottle

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