Monday, March 26, 2018

Beautiful Easter Craft That's FREE ~ Magnolia Faberge Eggs

magnolia seed pod as Easter eggs

For years, we've raked them up and threw them away. They are pretty when the red seeds first appear in them but become drab after their seeds have dropped. Every fall they drop from the trees like a pine cone, and cover the ground beneath the tree. I'm talking about Magnolia seed pods.

Recently, my mama and I were in the yard taking stock of the spring blooms. My little mama is my go-to person for all things gardening. She, with her green thumb, was giving me ideas of how to improve my home's curb appeal - for lack of better words - when she noticed the seed pods beneath my magnolia. I cringed; thinking, she is going to say how it would help if all the rubbish was cleared away. But she didn't! She asked, "have you ever noticed how these seed pods are shaped like an egg?" No, I honestly hadn't. But when she looked at them, she saw a beautiful Faberge' egg.

painted magnolia seed pods

That was it! The inspiration hit her, and the next thing I knew, she had me spray painting magnolia seed pods in festive pastels. It took several coats of paint, and flipping them several times, but they turned out beautifully. Once dry, Mama wired them on a grape vine wreath that she made, and painted white. If you don't have access to grave vines, or the likes, I did notice that the Dollar Tree now has them in their floral section.

magnolia seed pods Easter craft Faberge Egg

It turned out so cute that I think I will be collecting Magnolia seed pods from now on. They could be a very versatile floral item.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Single Earring Loss Solution ~ Repurpose

Earring as a pendant

We've all had it happen; the dreaded lost earring. Whether real or custom, its heartbreaking to throw out that one that remains. And lets face it, if we didn't love them, we wouldn't have bought them. I can't tell you how many, single earrings I've accumulated, thinking that the other would somehow find its way back to me. When I finally decided to organize my jewelry, I still found it hard to throw them out. Then it dawned on me, I can repurpose these pieces into something new.

Using cheap faux suede cord, I was able to turn many of those single earrings into pendants. Even the studded pieces can be used by simply pushing over the stud and pulling it onto the cord.

Others, I simply used an overhand loop knot to tie on the earring. You can also use this method for rings you have outgrown.
Earring as a pendant

You could also use this simple cord for hanging pendants that you no longer have chains for.
earring as a pendant

This is a fun and easy way to expand your casual jewelry without a lot of investment.
earring as a pendant for necklace