Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Patron Bottle Soap or Lotion Dispenser

Repurposing liquor, wine, beer bottles DIY

This is so cute. I made one for my kitchen and I just love it. It would be great for bar bathrooms, the man cave, or lodge bath, and of course, a kitchen. Its easy, looks classy and the best part - its FREE.

An Empty Pint Patron Bottle
1 Can of Metallic Spray Paint (I used Silver)
1 Can of Chalkboard Spray Paint 
1 discarded wine bottle cork
1 discarded pump from a liquid soap dispenser and its container. (I used Jergens Hand Soap Pump)
Cordless drill and various bits

Rinse out the Liquor Bottle, soap dispenser and pump with warm water and allow all to dry.

Once dry, insert the pump back its original dispenser and screw it back on. Now, spray paint the pump with the Chalkboard Paint. Paint will spray over old container but that's okay because you will be throwing it out anyways. Its done this way to keep paint off the inside of the pump and to hold it upright while drying.

After the chalkboard paint dries, spray with the metallic paint. I reapplied the paint few times to make sure I got a good, even coat. 

While the dispenser dries, work on the wine cork. Choose a drill bit that is about the same diameter as the dispenser tube.  Insert the cork into the patron bottle and drill through the center of the cork. 

Next, this maybe tricky if the tube won’t pull apart from the pump, but if it will, match up a drill bit to the diameter of the  pump. If the tube doesn’t come off the pump, you will have to do your best at judging the diameter of the pump.

To judge how deep you need to drill the cork to accommodate the pump, insert the bit into the lid, up to the top. Tape the bit, even at the bottom of the pump.

Now, drill down into the cork until the tape on the bit touches the top of your cork.

Remove cork from the bottle and tap on a hard surface. You may want to blow through the cork hole to make sure all the loose debris is gone before inserting the pump. Attach tube to pump, insert through the cork hole and then, insert into bottle. Tip: if the tube is too long, use scissors to snip off excess.

Repurposing liquor, wine, beer bottles DIY

Now it’s ready to fill with your favorite liquid soap or lotion and use.

Repurposing liquor, wine, beer bottles DIY

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Quick Tip: Wilting fresh flowers?

Don't you just hate it when a beautiful bouquet of flowers start to wilt? You can prolong the joy of those flowers by tying a rubber band around the stems and hanging it upside-down on your door. The flowers will dry out and make a nice door decoration. You can tie a bow on the stems, or drape the arrangement with tulle to dress it up a bit. So the next time your fresh flowers start to wilt, try this and you will be able to enjoy them for weeks instead of days.