Tuesday, June 4, 2013

FREE Pour and Seal Spout for Bags

FREE Pour and Seal Spouts for Bags

You've probably seen where folks are using PowerAde tops for resealing bags. This is the same concept, only our way makes opening, dispensing and resealing faster.

Don't throw out those creamer bottles once emptied. Large Creamer bottles washed and dried, works great for storing rice.

However, the smaller Creamer bottles, once wash and dry, are great for doing the following:

With lid on, cut bottle off at the neck. Screw off top of bottle and set aside. Take the remaining piece of bottle (the part with the threads on the outside) cut an entire end off of rice bag. and pull excess bag through the center hole. Fold bag down over the threads of the bottle and twist top on (the part of bottle where the threads are on the inside of piece).

Now, you can store the rice without spillage and when you need it, you can flip open, dispense and pop closed.

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