Friday, June 21, 2013

Removing Gum From Clothes

Mint Juleps 'n Muddin' How to remove gum from cloths

You guys know that there are very few commercial products that I promote. I prefer to make my solutions because its cheaper and usually works better than the store bought. However, there are a few things on the market that are must haves.

My closet is always stocked with Dawn Dish Detergent, Magic Erasers and Oops multi-purpose remover.

Gum really isn't a stain but it can ruin your day if you get it on your clothes.  And yes, my little nephew recently sat in gum at a movie theater. YUCK! I'll save the soap box speech for now, but it left the family scrambling for a solution to save his clothes.

My sister-in-law tried the ice method before reaching out for help. Putting an cube of ice on the gum will sometimes freeze it and allow you to pull it off the clothes without damage. But if its been stretched and smeared across the clothes, you can give it up.

Stain - Gum   Solution - Oops multi-purpose remover.

I must tell you to do a swatch test on a hidden area of clothes before spraying down your entire garment with this product. However. the clothes my sister-in-law sprayed were red and black and she didn't experience any color fade. I never have either.

Spray gum with Oops and allow to sit for 5 minutes or more. Take a scrub or tooth brush and rub the gum in a circular motion. You should see gum falling apart. Remove all gum particles and wash alone, just in case you missed some.

Keep a can of this on hand, just in case. It also has several other uses like sticker, glue, paint and tar removal. So if you don't need it for gum, you may need it for something else around the house.

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