Friday, July 12, 2013

Splinter Remedies

Things to Try When You Get a Splinter

Nothing can ruin your day like a tiny shard of metal, glass or wood in your body. What really gets under my skin, pun intended, is when you can't see the dog gone things.

Here's a few things to try next time you get a splinter.

Cut off a small piece of duct or packing tape and apply it to the area. Rub. After it is securely attached, snatch it off in the opposite you think the splinter went in.

The tape method didn't work? Try the glue.

Note:  If you use hot glue . . . I would suggest squeezing the glue onto a popsicle stick or something similar. Then, apply the glue using the popsicle stick. This way the glue will not be so hot that it burns you.

Take super glue, hot glue, or any fast drying glue and apply to splinter. Allow glue to dry and snatch it off in the opposite direction you think the splinter went in.

Many times one of these two methods will work.

Another thing you can try is to soak the affected area in hot water and Epsom salt. After a few minutes of soaking, rub the edge a credit card or something similar over the area.


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