Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Painting Jars or Bottles: The Waterproof Method

Waterproof Paint Technique
Waterproof Paint Technique

Do you ever wish you could paint old jars or bottles and still use them as vases? Or wish you could make the cute colored mason jar lanterns? One of the hot items in Weddings and Evening Events are these lanterns. They are cute and inexpensive to make. Many of us saw them used on the Vow Renewal Episode of Duck Dynasty. The ladies used painted mason jars, with candles inside and hung them from trees. They can also be used to hold fresh flowers. You can make these too. Here is step one in the process.


Painting Jars or Bottles:  The Waterproof Method


Enamel Paint
Fingernail Polish Remover
Disposable Bowl or Cup
Paper Plate
Popsicle Stick or Disposable Spoon
Jar or Bottle

Take a bowl or cup and squeeze in about a tablespoon of enamel paint. Next. pour in about a 1/2 teaspoon of nail polish remover. Using the Popsicle stick or disposable spoon, mix paint and polish remover. Paint should be the consistency of nail polish. The paint will still be thick but able to run. Pour mixture into the jar and gently tilt the jar or bottle in a downward angle and turn. Spread paint mixture by tilting and turning. If this is not enough paint to cover the entire surface, repeat the mixture process.
Once you have the entire inside of jar or bottle covered with paint, flip the it upside down on a paper plate and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, flip the jar/bottle upright in a weatherproof area. Discard paper plate. Allow to air dry for several days; according to paint instructions.

***Update:  We've had several people write in and ask why the nail polish remover. The polish remover is used to thin the enamel paint - only. You could use a paint thinner or acetone, however, we try to give you methods that uses things you have on hand, as opposed to purchasing more specialty items that you may only use once. You notice that you need a very small amount, and this is to get the paint to spread easily. Acetone (nail polish remover) will evaporate during air drying process and will not effect the paint.***


  1. You can use acetone as this is what nail polish remover is made of.

  2. These are neat....could use at a wedding or special event :)

  3. I love it I'm gonna make a few for mine and soon to be Hubby's wedding then place them in our home

  4. Can acrylic paint be used in this technique?

  5. Acrylic paint will peel off once you put water in the jar/vase.

  6. Can I just use fingernail polish as my color of paint I don't have enamel paint ��

    1. I've never tried that. Great way to use old polish, if it works. I think its worth a try.