Friday, September 27, 2013

Easy, Illuminated Ghost

Easy, Illuminated Ghost


Use bucket from our entry No insect, Bright Outside Light
Heavy white fabric cut in a rectangle or oval shape
Double Shepherd Hook Plant Hanger
Now, we tell you to use a heavy white cloth because we tried a sheet and the Shepherd hooks were visible through the material. It also doesn't drape as well as a heavier cloth. Here, we used a white, 100 percent polyester fabric. The amount of material you will need will depend on the height and width of your plant hanger. We suggest taking those measurements and doubling both to get the size you will need.
Place the illuminated bucket over the top, center pole of the double hook hanger. Drape the material over the top of pole, making sure that the bucket is completely covered; material should be about the same length from the ground on both sides. At the very top, pull material up about a foot and allow it to drape like the hood of a cloak. At the top, take the corner of one of the sides and wrap it around the front. Play with the draping of the material until you get it the way you want it. For all you Lord of The Rings fans, we were going for a Ring Wrath look.
For other effects, try black or orange light bulbs.

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