Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Make Camo Fondant


2 - Batches of Homemade Fondant
1 - Black Food Coloring (I use Wilton)
1 - Brown Food Coloring
1 - Green Food Coloring

Start by making your fondant, using our recipe, listed under Easy Fondant Recipe. For a two tier cake, with 8" and 10" diameter layer cakes, you will need two batches of the homemade fondant. After making your fondant, split both dough balls in half. You will now have 4, equal size balls of fondant. Now, color each ball with food coloring.

To color fondant tan, start with a small amount of  brown food coloring, and mix it into one of the white, fondant balls. Mix small amounts of color into fondant until the desired color is reached. Next, mix the brown fondant the same way you did the tan. If you can't reach the deep brown you are looking for, add a very small amount of black and mix. Continue coloring each ball with the rest of the colors; each time adding a small amount of black, if you can't get the dark color you want. When you've colored all the balls, cut each one in half, and put one of each color out of your way; these will be for the top layer.

Next, grease the surface you're going to roll your fondant on. I use vegetable shortening and a paper towel to grease my rolling surface. Start by pulling 1" size pieces off each colored fondant ball and placing them side by side, on your prepared surface. Continue doing this, and alternating colors, while forming the fondant into a circular shape.

When you have all the fondant laid out, start rolling it out. When you get the fondant to about 1/4" thick, fold it in half and fold in half, again.
Take the side points and fold them over the center.
 Your fondant will look like this.
 Fold the top point onto the center, then pull the fondant into a rectangle shape and flatten it with your hands. 
Fold the fondant in half and flatten more.
Begin rolling. Do your best to roll into a circular shape. You may need to pick up the fondant and turn it, from time to time, to reach all edges.
When you've rolled your fondant to about 1/4" thick (the pros say 1/8") then, its ready to be transferred to your cake.
When you've finished placing the fondant on the bottom layer of your cake, start the entire process over, using the remaining fondant balls. Don't forget to put your dowel rods in the bottom cake before place your top layer on it. This is an extremely heavy cake and it will need the support.

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