Saturday, May 17, 2014

Graduate Well Wishes Pail

Graduate Well Wishes Pail



5 Quart Galvanized Pail

2 Horseshoes

1 Spool of Natural Twisted Rope

1 Bottle of Gorilla Glue

You can use a frame, folded cardstock, or a piece of wood for your sign.



Find a flat even surface to work on. Lay a horseshoe upside down on that surface. Simply dot the inside tips and the inside center of the horseshoe with Gorilla Glue. Use this Glue sparingly because it expands.
Lay your pail on its side. Place your glued horseshoe, on the front center, of your pail. Holding the horseshoe in place with one hand, turn the pail upside down, so your pail it laying on the horseshoe. Allow several hours for drying, and repeat the entire process to glue the second horseshoe, on the back of the pail.
Next, tie one end of your rope to the pail handle and spool off about 3 feet. Don't worry about exact measurements here . . . you just want enough rope to give the look of a bundle of rope.
Now - use whatever you  have on hand to make your sign. It doesn't need to look pristine. Use a marker to write on a scrap piece of wood or sticker letters on the glass of a wooden frame. Our sign is a painted wooden square that I topped off with a twine bow.

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