Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Thrive Le-vel 30 Day Review: Day 20

Thrive Le-vel Review: Day 20

The extreme thirst from over the weekend has subsided and I'm actually grateful. It was so bad that I had began to be concerned. I only drank about 3 liter of water, yesterday, and I'm telling you, that was a lot less than the the days before.

That poochy belly that I referred to before beginning Thrive, has decreased in size. I'm shocked each morning that I get up and look in the mirror. I turn to the side, and check out my tummy, and its getting smaller. The skeptic in me says this can not be real, but I'm loving the reflection, whether its real or not. I'm really getting excited about our weigh in and finding out just how much weight we have both lost.

Irma has finally pasted here, for the most part, and we have a yard full of debris, but no damage. We fared better than many in our area. Some experienced trees or branches onto their homes. Our area has had wide spread power outages and many are still without. We are one of the fortunate few that have our electricity back on.

My son who, evacuated due to Irma, has been told that he can not return to his home, until the authorities give the all clear. They aren't allowing anyone into the town, until they get a hold of the damage, and get the roads clear. He won't know how much damage his place got until then. He's getting a bit impatient, wanting to get back, but at least he is safe.

Praying for all those effected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

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