Friday, January 12, 2018

Homemade Cleaning Supply Recipes - Bombs, Fizzies and Other Tips

 Bomb Cleaning & Other Homemade Cleaning Supplies

It's a new year and lets start if off right by cutting a few household costs. Cleaning supplies can become pricey and caustic. We're going to try to cut those costs and harmful chemicals by making our own cleaners. I know it can seem to be a waste of time and money, if they don't work, but that's what I'm for. I'm only going to share the ones I love. These are kid friendly recipes, so they can join in.

I'm in love the idea of bomb cleaning. It sounds weird but I've been working on a few different recipes, and for the most part, I've been getting pretty good results. My house smells fresh and clean and the bomb cleaning technique is making a few chores easier. Just toss in a fizzy and let it do the work.

There are a few core supplies that you will need to make most of these cleaners. The Citric Acid  can be costly, but I've researched, and found some pretty good deals.

Citric Acid Powder
First, go to Amazon or Ebay to purchase your citric acid. You may find cheaper suppliers out there  but these are the ones I've bought from. On Amazon, for example, I found citric acid for about $2.25 lb.when you purchase a 10 pound bag. There's just over 2 cups in a pound of citric acid powder. This one 10 lb bag will make a year's worth of cleaning supplies for the average home, and maybe more.

Baking Soda
It can be purchased at almost anywhere. I just purchased off the shelf at Walmart. My cost was $2.24 for a 4 lb. Box. That's .56 cents per pound. I would suggest buying more than 1 box because once you get started making these cleaners, you're going to want to keep going.

Blue Dawn Dish Detergent
This too can be purchase in many places but I purchased a 56 oz bottle at Walmart for $3.74. That's about .07 cents an ounce.

Essential Oils
These can be bought at Walmart, Craft Stores, Amazon, or Ebay. The cheapest I found was at Walmart for 2 oz bottle of Peppermint oil for $10.47. You will not be using much of this at time, so you can buy small dram bottles, if you prefer. Be sure to pick scents that you want your cleaners to smell like. I chose the peppermint, not only for costs, but it gives everything a clean, fresh scent.

White Vinegar
At Walmart you can get a gallon of White Vinegar for $2.66. That's about .04 cents an ounce.

I use the Odor Blaster version that I got from Walmart for $7.56 for 48 oz box .16 cents per oz

Washing Soda 
I gave $3.97 for a 55 oz box at Walmart. That's .07 cents per oz

A few of the items I'll show you how to make:
  • Dishwasher tablets for .11 cent each. And they work great.
  • Toilet Cleaning Bombs for about .09 cents each. These are great for cleaning the bowl and giving your bathroom a fresh scent.
  • Sink Deodorizing and Cleaning Fizzies for about .09 cent each treatments.
  • Shower and Tub Cleaner for about $1.10 for a 24 oz bottle
  • Clothing Stain Remover
  • Dishwasher Cleaning Method

Special Recipe that will require other purchases: DIY -  HE washing machine cleaner.

A few items that you will want to save or find:

  • Styrofoam Egg Crates
  • Ice cube tray (you can pick up a pack of 3 at the Dollar Tree) if you don't have any already.
  • Spray Bottle 24 oz or larger with the ounce measurements on the side of bottle. (These can be found at the Dollar Tree)
  • Airtight containers to store tablets and cleaners. (Zipper Seal Storage bags or Mason Jars with lids will do.) I've found several cute things at the Dollar Tree.

I'll start sharing these goodies with you on 1-15-2018, so you'll have a few days to get your supplies.

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